Hi Friends! I’m Kelsea the face behind Real Wholesome Life, so glad you decided to join me. My husband and I bought our first house in 2021 with the idea of doing a few house projects, but not much. That’s quickly turned into basically updating the whole house with a lot of DIY projects along the way. We’ve decided to take you along for the ride of our home life from DIY projects, decor, to entertaining. 

Outside of doing house projects you can find me traveling or hanging out at a local brewery or the beach with my husband and pups on the weekends. I’m a born and raised Florida girl and could never imagine living anywhere else. As an Enneagram 1 I like to keep things quite organized and clean, so stick around and you might get some organizational tips along the way. Thanks for being here and joining me! To follow along and stay update on the latest projects follow me on Instagram @realwholesomelife.


The main bathroom was pretty dated when we moved in. Primarily with the colored square wall tiles. I’ll be honest when we first started thinking about how to update the wall tile we weren’t sure what to do. It seemed like the only option might be to take it all down, replace drywall, and add new tile. That was more than we were wanting to do at the time though. After brainstorming some ideas I decided to paint the wall tile in the bathroom white for a clean modern look.

We have been working on a big DIY gravel patio in our backyard. There was a small concrete slab off to the side that we needed to make flow with the gravel. Using this Marlen tile stencil in large to stencil the concrete patio was the perfect solution. It helped refresh the concrete. The best part of stenciling a concrete patio was that it was actually quite easy thanks to the stencil and brush gifted from Cutting Edge Stencils. Lets dive into exactly how to stencil a patio that’s concrete.

Recently we updated our outdoor space by creating a gravel patio DIY. We’ve wanted to have a nice outdoor space that we could enjoy since we moved in. Creating the gravel patio and stenciling the cement portion of our patio was the perfect start. After we had the patio created it was time to add the furniture and decor. Here’s a look at some beautiful modern ideas for patio decor.

A dining room is a very welcoming and family centered room in the home. Since so many family memories can be made in a dining room I think it’s important to think about the decor and furniture in this room to really make it functional towards creating memories. Here are some beautiful dining room ideas using modern decor that might help give you some inspiration for your own home.

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