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Great Ideas for 10 House Projects Under $100

House projects can seem daunting when you start to think of the time and money it might cost you. Some projects can take years to save up for and might even take a few months to complete. These big projects are usually what first comes to mind when you think about home renovations and improvements you want to make. There are so many small projects that can really transform a place though. It’s important not to overlook these small things especially if you are working on a budget. Another added bonus is these most of these 10 house projects for under $100 can mostly be done as a DIY projects, so no need to hire a contractor.


Painting can be a great way to really transform a room without breaking the bank. Paint is also a great way to add your own personal style to a space. A gallon of paint costs roughly $30 and the possibilities are almost endless. There’s the automatic go to of repainting walls when it comes to paint, which could be a great option especially if you recently moved into the place. Paint can go a long ways besides just repainting walls though. You could choose to add an accent wall, but adding a different colored wall to a room, painting a simple mural wall, or even painting a pattern onto the wall. Stencils and painter’s tape can become your best friend to really create a unique accent wall.

Paint can be used to update furniture such as repainting a dresser, nightstands, a desk, bathroom vanity, and much more. Check out our bathroom remodel to see how we repainted our bathroom vanity. The exterior of a house is another option when it comes to painting. Painting the entire exterior of the house can definitely add up and be a big job to do yourself, but you don’t have to repaint the whole thing to freshen up the exterior. You could simply paint the front door a fun color to add a vibrant color to the exterior. Painting the garage door or even window shutters can be another way to spruce up your home’s exterior without having to repaint the entire house. For some more ideas check out this blog post on house updates with paint.

Changing Your Outlets/Light Switches

Something very simple that many people might not notice or even think of is the beauty of having matching outlets and light switches. In some older houses you might notice that not all the outlets match or the outlet might be tan while the cover is white. Changing out the outlets so they all are the same and the outlets and covers match can be a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make an improvement to your house. The cost of this project can definitely vary based on how many outlets and/or switches you have in your house and the ones you decide to replace them with. This project could also require a contractor if you don’t know how to switch out light switches or outlets properly. You always want to use caution when using electrical sources and make sure the breakers are off before starting the project. The light switches in a home can be the same as the outlets especially in older homes. You might find that the switch itself is a tan color with a white cover. Just simply have it all one color creates such a clean crisp look in a home.

Updating a Light Fixture

Switching out a light fixture in a room can be an inexpensive way to really make a statement. We often might forget about the big impact just a light fixture can make in a room. Consider updating a fan or light fixture in one of your rooms to really add a fun statement piece to your space.

Add an Herb Garden or Upgrade Some Landscaping

A fun way to add some color to your backyard, patio, or front porch is to add an herb garden. This can look great outside and be useful to have fresh herbs on hand to cook with. This can be done by planting an herb garden in the ground, purchasing an herb garden bed, or even building one yourself. Doing some simple landscaping updates can be another inexpensive way to totally transform the exterior of your house. Of course fully renovating the landscaping can quickly add up, but adding a couple inexpensive plants to the front of the house or replacing mulch can make a huge difference without costing too much.

Change the Hardware on Cabinets

Simply changing out the hardware on cabinets can be a fun inexpensive way to update a space. You could change the knobs or handles on a dresser, kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity, or really any piece of furniture. This is a great way to make something dated look more modern or even change up the finish. You could switch to black or brass hardware if you wanted. This can also be a great way to totally transform a piece if you chose to repaint a piece of furniture and really create an accent piece. For instance we changed out the hardware on our bathroom vanity when we decided to paint it a dusty blue color.

Switch Out Blinds for Curtains

I love having tons of natural light and windows in a house, but if you live in the suburbs surrounded by other homes you want those windows to be able to be covered at times. Blinds are a great option, but depending on the house and the blinds they can definitely look dated. A great way to update blinds without having to pay a ton to replace all the blinds in your house is to consider adding curtains. You might not want to add curtains in every room, but even just adding some nice floor length curtains in the living room can add color, natural light, and decor to the room within just a few minutes.

Change Frames and Pictures on a Wall

Family photos are a great way to really personalize a space and transform a house to a home. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to make some home improvements consider updating some of the frames your family photos are in and maybe even changing out the photos if they are a few years old. It’s a fun way to add a special family touch to your home while also giving you some change to feel you’ve changed up your space.

Add Wall Moulding

Wall moulding can really make a statement. Wall moulding is simply adding trim to a wall in the shape of a frame. There are several different design options you can play around with. Check out Pinterest for some inspiration. This is a really inexpensive way to make a room look rich and updated. The trim is relatively inexpensive then you paint over it and it will give your room a whole new look.

Magnetic Handles/ Hinges to a Garage Door

Garage doors with handles and hinges are very popular right now. To replace the actual garage door can be costly and a lot of work. The good news is there’s an easier way then having to replace the entire garage door. There are magnetic handles and hinges that can go right on the garage door you already have. This will give your garage and exterior a whole new look with minimal effort.

Putting a Fire Pit into Your Backyard

Fire pits can be relatively inexpensive to buy from the store or you could even look into building one in your backyard. This simple addition is sure to bring entertainment and add something fun to your outdoor space.

Disclaimer: This website is only intended to give decor ideas. You should always consult a licensed professional prior to making updates to ensure all safety measures are followed.

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