10 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

I’m sharing 10 tips on grocery shopping on a budget. Navigating the grocery store can be a challenge and seem overwhelming. If you’re trying to throw in shopping on a budget and meal prepping too you might feel the stress adding up. If you’re looking for help on meal prepping check out this Meal Prepping post. I’ve also talked about navigating the grocery store in this Grocery Shopping post. Now let’s dive into 10 tips on grocery shopping on a budget.

1. Meal Prepping

Meal prepping can be a great way to plan meals ahead of time and stay on track when buying groceries at the store. I like to plan out my meals for the week and then make my grocery list accordingly. This helps to make sure I get exactly what is needed without buying excess at the grocery store. I find that I don’t really waste food at the end of the week with doing this and I can control how much I’m going to spend by trying to use grocery items in multiple dishes for the week. Check out more on meal prepping in this Meal Prepping blog post.

2. Research Ads

Research advertisements for the week before going to the grocery store. If there is a major sale on a specific grocery item try planning meals with that for the week. For example if chicken is buy one get one that week try to plan a few chicken recipes for the week.

3. Make a List

Making a grocery list before going grocery shopping can be a major part of grocery shopping on a budget. This helps to ensure you purchase everything that is needed for the week ahead. It also gives you a set focus while grocery shopping to avoid all the things you might want to grab while just browsing through the store.

4. Shop online/pickup

Shopping online might help with being able to stay on track with your list to avoid aimlessly roaming the aisles. Some stores offer shopping online and pickup in store for free. This might be a cheaper option then a delivery option to try to avoid those delivery fees.

5. Don’t shop hungry

Okay – I’m sure you have heard this one before, but really just don’t do it. All of sudden everything looks good and the next thing you know there’s 20 items in your cart you never intended on buying. Remember above about making that list? Shopping hungry making you stir away from that list and it’s also possible that you also start stirring away from those whole foods. The conclusion – don’t shop hungry!


Consider filling your cart with more produce as opposed to proceeded foods. Fresh produce can be nutrient, delicious, and budget friendly as opposed to processed foods. Produce can also be used in so many ways. For example consider starting with switching out some of your common proceeded snacks with fresh raw vegetables. You could also consider adding more produce into your dishes to make bigger portions and have leftovers for meal prep for the week. Take something as simple as spaghetti and consider adding in spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, and onion for a tasty pasta dish.

7. Don’t have to buy organic

Some people might feel like they have to buy organic to be “healthy”. You can certainly buy organic if you like, but not buying organic can help to save money. It is good to buy vegetables in general rather than not buying vegetables. Look at the different options from fresh, frozen, and organic produce and see what fits into your budget best.

8. Farmer’s Market

If you live near a local weekend farmer’s market or a produce stand consider shopping for your weekly produce there. It’s possible that your local farmer’s market or produce stand has cheaper prices than your grocery store. This could be another great way to save money and encourage filling that cart with nutritious whole foods.

9. Shop Perimeter

Meaning shop the perimeter of the grocery store. The majority of grocery stores are set up with produce, meat, and seafood around the perimeter of the store. Typically, down the aisles you will find a lot of processed and packaged foods. Consider trying to shop the perimeter for whole foods and you might just find that you’re saving money buying whole foods as opposed to prepared/packaged foods. Also I find that this makes my grocery shopping trips much quicker. I talk about shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and navigating the grocery store in this Grocery Shopping post too.

10. Go once a week

I personally find that if I go to the grocery store several times a week I definitely spend more money than if I just go once a week. I recommend making that grocery list for the whole week and try staying committed to going once a week. It will most likely help you to save both time and money.

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