15 Things To Do During Quarantine

It looks like we might be in quarantine and practicing social distancing for a little while. This can be a stressful and uncertain time. If you are feeling scared and worried that’s understandable. This is a weird time for everyone. Try to see some light through all these times through little things. See if you are able to utilize the extra time you might have at home to learn something new or do something you’ve been wanting to do. I listed out 15 ideas for you to consider while quarantined that might help you stay busy.

  1. Exercise

Have you been wanting to start getting into an exercise routine, but you “haven’t had the time”? This is the perfect opportunity to start. Take this time to focus on bettering yourself. Even if you already have a steady workout routine this is a wonderful time to keep moving. I always feel, so much better and energized after a good workout. Consider even exercising outside, if you are able to, while practicing social distancing to get some movement in outdoors.

2. Practice Gratitude

Try to focusing on gratitude. Take a few minutes each day to reflect on what you are grateful for that day.

3. Clean/ Organize

This could be the perfect time to start on that “spring cleaning”. Use this time to deep clean your living space and organize. This could be your opportunity to organize the closet, kitchen cabinets, pantry, the garage, and/or the bedrooms in your house.

4. Yoga

Whether you have done yoga before or not this would be a great time to continue to practice yoga or give it a try. There’s many resources online to help you get started and it can be a great source of movement and relaxation.

5. Work on that house project

Do you have that one house project that you keep putting off or haven’t been able to get around to doing? This could finally be the time.

6. Try a new hobby

Consider trying a new hobby whether it be knitting, drawing, biking, painting, or another hobby you’ve been wanting to give a try.

7. Have a date night at home

Get dressed up, make a nice meal, and have an easy dinner/movie date at home!

8. Use technology to stay in touch with friends & family

Thankfully we have great technology that allows us to still stay connected with family and friends. Consider hosting a virtual happy hour, game night, or family dinner.

9. Learn something new

Try learning something new. We have so many opportunities to grow and learn with technology right at our finger tips. Think about learning to play an instrument, learn a language, or learn how to make something. This is a great opportunity for DIY lovers to try out a new project.

10. Cook

Enhance your cooking skills or try out a new recipe. Utilize this time to try cooking something new. You can find some delicious recipe I’ve created here.

11. Adult coloring books

Have you ever tried an adult coloring book? They can come in all different designs and be quite relaxing. I usually love taking them on vacation!


Think about the possibility of trying out a puzzle to keep you entertained while staying at home. This could be a fun activity to even do with family that you are home with.

13. Games

This seems like the perfect time to be having game nights right? This is one of the main activities we’ve been doing and it is so fun.

14. Read

Try reading a new book or finish reading that book you’ve been working on for months. Reading can be a great activity to provide some “quiet time”.

15. Run

In the back of your mind have you always wanted to maybe run a 5K, half marathon, or even a marathon? Start today! If you are able to get outside and run start training today. It’s a great opportunity to get outside, get moving, and starting working to achieve those goals.

Lastly, stay safe and wishing you all good health during these times. A big thank you to all the essential workers facing these times on the front line!

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