Recipes for Football Season

Football season is here and many of us enjoy spending time with family, eating tasty food, and watching football over the weekend. I’ve created a list of recipes for football season to help narrow down the perfect recipes for this time of year. These recipes are sure to be loved by both family and friends. I’ve included my favorite turkey burger recipe, which I love enjoying on a toasted bun with sliced avocado. The shrimp avocado salad is the perfect appetizer to snack on while enjoying the game. This salad is delicious with roasted sweet potato chips, tortilla chips, or even crackers. You can never go wrong with munching on a tasty appetizer while watching a football game if you ask me. The fall turkey chili is another great recipe in this list of recipes that’s perfect for enjoying as it gets cooler outside. Imagine sitting on a cozy couch in the cold weather enjoying a warm cup of chili while watching the football game to enjoy your Sunday afternoon. The fall turkey chili can be enjoyed by itself, with some crackers, or even served on top of a bed of rice.

Below I have listed out 9 delicious recipes to enjoy during football season ranging from appetizers, to entrees, and desserts. These are perfect for football season whether you’re watching the game at home, going to a party, or even attending a potluck.

Simple Guacamole

If you ask me you can never go wrong with some delicious homemade guacamole. It’s crazy to me that about 3 years ago I always thought I wasn’t a huge fan of avocados. I’m SOOO glad that has changed. They’re definitely one of my favorite foods now. It’s the perfect addition to any meal if […]

These are some of my current favorite recipes to enjoy that are perfect for football season. Stay tuned for new recipes as they come out for even more recipes perfect for football season!

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