I can’t believe 2021 is actually coming to a close. Does anyone else feel like this year went incredibly fast??? I still can’t believe it’s December let alone 2022 in just a few short days. As I look back on 2021 personally it was a year full of a lot of ups and downs. There were exciting times, loses, and challenging times all within the year. Overall I’d say 2021 reminded me to embrace the present, appreciate what you have, and live everyday to the fullest. One of the highlights of 2021 was definitely buying our first house. Looking back on 2021 a year in review I can’t help, but think about all the projects we completed within the first year of our house.

The First Updates

In 2021 I decided to change the Real Wholesome Life space from being a health and fitness focus to sharing home decor and all the house projects we were doing. This changed happened around August-September of 2021, so you may have missed some of the first projects we did. The very first project was replacing the ceiling fan in the living room. Originally the living room did not have any lights in it, which made it very difficult to try to come over and paint in the evening after work. We took out the original ceiling fan and put in a new one with lights.

The next project was painting the entire house. Our house is all Behr paint in an eggshell finish. The majority of the house is a light grey (Behr color: Platinum), the master bedroom was painted a light blue (Behr color: Waterfall), the main bathroom was painted an off white and tan color (Behr color: Varnished Ivory), and we accented the house with a dusty blue color (Behr color: Dolphin blue). I’ll say painting an entire house is a lot of work, but I highly recommend doing it when you first purchase a home. It gives the walls a nice fresh look even if you keep the same color. It’s also the easiest time to paint because you haven’t moved your furniture in yet.

The Bathroom Update

Another major update we made was updating our main bathroom for less than $500. We repainted the walls, painted the wall tile using a resurfacing kit, replaced the mirror, replaced the toilet, painted the vanity, and updated the decor. The update overall cost less than $500 to do and made our bathroom look like it had a total remodel. I love a good budget DIY home project!! If you missed our bathroom update or want to see more check out the blog post on how we updated our bathroom here.

The Floor Update

The biggest project we did in 2021 was definitely updating the floors in our entire house. We ripped up the old tile in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom along with all the carpet that was throughout the rest of the house. The carpet was probably close to 10 years old and was due for an update. We also replaced all the baseboards while we updated the floors. We decided on putting in wood look tile throughout the entire house. The wood look tile we chose was a light colored wood look tile, which helped to brighten up the entire house. This project took us about 6 weeks to fully complete and required us working on it everyday. It was definitely our longest and most tiring project of this year, but was definitely worth all the time and money. If you missed our floor update and want to see more about what we used to update our floors with wood look time check out the blog post here.

Updating Furniture

The other big project we worked on in 2021 is updating some of our furniture. We updated most of our living room furniture by replacing the couch, TV console, and accent chair. We still have the coffee table to update sometime in 2022. There’s still the challenge of trying to decide if we want to go with a coffee table or ottoman. Then deciding if we want to go round or rectangular…too many options lol. We also added some new furniture since we were going from a small 1 bedroom apartment to a house. We added our dining room table and futon for the guest room as well.

After looking at 2021 a year in review we made a lot of progress with our projects in 2021 for the first year in our house. Be sure to stick around for 2022 because there’s a lot of fun projects planned. All I will say are there are some exciting updates planned for the outside of our house. To make sure you continue to see our updates be sure to follow Real Wholesome Life on Instagram!

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