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5 Ways to Decorate Your House for Fall

Fall brings cooler weather, leaves changing, and the holiday season beginning. We might not get to enjoy much of the leaves changing in Florida, but I love the start of cooler evening, preparing for the holidays, and all the pumpkin! Where are my fellow pumpkin lovers at?? Decorating for the seasons can be fun, but also overwhelming. Not to mention you might find some trouble figuring out where to store all the decor season to season. Below are 5 ways to decorate your house for fall including some options that won’t take up too much storage space.

Table Decor

Decorating your dining room table is a great way to decorate for any season. It doesn’t require a ton of decor and is relatively simple to do. There’s no nails or having to put holes into the wall. There’s a lot of fun ways you can decorate you table for fall. Consider adding some fall scented candles, a fall table runner, small pumpkins, potpourri, or even fall themed table settings such as napkins or plates. Some garland made of fall leaves is another great way you could decorate for fall this season.

Sprucing up your coffee table decor is another great way to add in some fall decor to your home. Some great fall items that can be added to a coffee table are seasonal decor books, fall candles, or fall florals. I also like to use a small tray for decor on coffee tables which can be decorated with different fall decor such as small signs, faux pumpkins, candles and more.

Front Porch

Decorating inside the house for fall is a great idea, but you don’t want to forget the outside of your house. Decorating your front door and front porch can be another fun way to decorate for the season. I love adding a fun fall wreath or sign to the front door. You could also consider adding outdoor fall pillows to front porch chairs, add artificial pumpkins to the porch, some fall flowers or greenery, and much more. Adding a cute fall doormat is another great way to make your front porch ready for fall this season.

Wall Decor

Wall decor is a great way to decorate for the seasons especially if you don’t have shelf space to maybe put other decor pieces you might love. Consider changing out some of the photos you already have on your wall for new fall pieces. These might include signs with fall sayings, abstract art with warmer colors, or fall leaves. This is also a great opportunity to change out family photos. If you tend to get family photos for different seasons don’t forget to display them. Change out your spring family photos for your fall family photos.


Pillows can totally transform a space. They are also a great way to decorate for each season. You could totally buy fall themed pillows, but that might take up some more space then you’d like to be able to store for the upcoming years. Pillows can be a great way to decorate because you can buy pillow covers that can be changed out throughout the year. They are small and compact making them easy to store and typically are less expensive then buying new pillows. Consider decorating your house with some fun fall colored pillows or even pillow covers with fall sayings.

This is also a great way to transform a bedroom to fall decor. You don’t necessarily have to have pumpkins everywhere to decorate for fall. You could switch out throw pillows and blankets on your bed for some darker or warmer toned colors to transition into the fall season. Colors such as tan, brown, burnt orange, deep greens, navy, and more are all great colors to transition your space into the cooler seasons.


Decorating the kitchen can seem challenging. Some fun ways to decorate the kitchen area for fall can include some festive coffee mugs, glassware, or kitchen towels. Having seasonal hand soap in the kitchen is another way to add some simple seasonal details. Another option is adding some seasonal decor such a small signs to the countertop or even some fall treats on a cake stand. One of my favorite fall treats is this simple 2 ingredient pumpkin muffin/bread recipe, which is not only delicious but also a great fall treat to have out. Coffee bar areas could also be dressed up with some fall garland, pumpkin flavored coffee syrups, fall napkins, or festive straws.

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