6 Entertaining Outdoor Games You Need this Summer

Image with 6 outdoor summer games

6 Entertaining Outdoor Games You Need this Summer

Summer is right around the corner and I can’t wait! The season brings vacations, pool parties, BBQ’s and lots of time spent outdoors. One of my favorite things about summer is hanging out with family and friends outdoors playing games. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ, pool party, or taking a trip to the beach these 6 entertaining outdoor games will be perfect for this summer.

Yard Pong Game

Yard pong can be a fun family friendly game. There are a set of 6 large buckets across from each other forming a triangle. Fill each bucket with a little water to help them stay in place. Then players stand behind the buckets and attempt to toss a ball into the buckets across from them. Once the ball makes it into a bucket that bucket gets removed. The team to have removed all the buckets at the end wins.

Image with 6 outdoor summer games

Giant Tumble Tower

This is another fun classic outdoor game. The giant tumble tower will be formed by stacking all the blocks on top of each other. Each row has 3 blocks and the direction of the blocks alternates every row. Once the tower is made players take turns removing one block from somewhere in the tower and place the block they removed on the top of the tower. The goal is to keep the tower standing as long as possible. The person to remove the block that knocks over the tower losses.

Outdoor Bowling

Outdoor bowling sets can be fun especially for kids during the summer. Sets typically come with bowling pins and a ball. This is great since it can easily be set up just about anywhere outdoors. Outdoor bowling is an easy, but fun game to enjoy this summer.

Corn Hole

Corn hole or a bean bag toss is one of my favorite classic summer outdoor games. It’s fairly simple to play or learn if you haven’t played before. It is also family friendly. There are 2 wooden boards set up directly across from each other and the goal is to toss the bean bags onto the board. The board also has a hole in it. Typically you score more points if you actually make it into the hole.

Corn Hole Scoring

Everyone keeps score slightly different though, so it’s good to establish rules before you start. The game is played until a certain number of points. We typically play until 21 points. Once a team has reached 21 they win.


Washers is another entertaining outdoor game perfect for summer gatherings. It is a very similar concept to corn hole. Washer sets come with 2 boxes and washers. The 2 boxes get set up directly across from each other. Players stand across from the box they are aiming for. The players attempt to make the washer into the box. The game is typically played to a set number of points and whichever team reaches that many points first wins.

Outdoor Checkers and Chess

Outdoor checkers and/or chess is another classic fun game that can be made into a large outdoor version. The board can go onto cement, grass, or really any surface and then place the pieces on top and you are ready to play.

I hope these 6 entertaining outdoor games helped to give you some fun ideas for games to enjoy this summer. To stay up to date on house projects and more hosting tips follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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