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6 Easy Things to Include in Christmas Preparation for Hosting

Hosting any holiday can be a big task especially if you have a large family. It can seem overwhelming to get the house ready, prepare food/drinks, do Christmas shopping, etc. It is crazy to think about how some of the most joyful times of the year surrounded by the people that matter the most to us can easily become the most overwhelming. The holidays can definitely get stressful especially if you don’t plan accordingly. If you plan ahead it is possible to easily prepare for hosting Christmas without all the stress. The best tip is to try to plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute, but I realize that can be easier said then done sometimes. Let’s talk about hosting Christmas though that can definitely become overwhelming. Here are 6 easy things to include in Christmas preparation for hosting.

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Christmas Decor

The Christmas decor usually isn’t too big of a worry when it comes to hosting on Christmas day because I think it’s safe to say most of us already have had the Christmas decor up for a bit by the time Christmas day arrives. This is probably one of the easier things to actually do ahead of time. If you’re hosting Christmas don’t feel like you have to go all out with all the Christmas decor everywhere. Some simple Christmas decor ideas you can consider are a Christmas tree, small table decor, nativity scene, garland, and/ or a wreath. I have 75+ Christmas decor ideas in this blog post if you want some more inspiration. You can also find some inspiration for Christmas tree themes here.

Christmas Preparation – Hosting

Consider what you are going to actually need to host Christmas next. How many people are coming? Do you need any extra tables or chairs? Think about where the food is going to go and whether there’s enough counter space or if additional tables for food is needed. Also consider if you have serving platters to serve food on or if additional are needed. You’ll also want to think about plates, napkins, cups, utensils etc. Make sure you have enough for everyone coming and consider if you want to use what you have or buy disposable ones for an easier clean up.

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Prepare Food Menu

Preparing the food and deciding what to serve is one of the biggest tasks. First decide if you are preparing the entire meal or if it is going to be potluck style and everyone is bringing something. I think it’s best to form a list of what is being served, so you can visually see what you’ll have and make sure there’s enough for everyone. For bigger holidays like Christmas it’s good to start out with appetizers to have out when people first arrive. Some good appetizer ideas are a charcuterie board, veggie tray, fruit skewers, bread with dip (spinach artichoke, olive oil, etc.), baked brie, and many more.

Next, decide what the main course is going to be. Some good options could be a ham, turkey, pasta dish, seafood, etc. Lastly plan out side dishes and desserts that are going to compliment the meal. If everyone is bringing something to have a potluck style meal consider having everyone share what they are bringing beforehand. This will help make sure there are not duplicates and there’s enough of each course.

Christmas Preparation – Drink Ideas

Once the food is all figured out it is time to decide on the drinks. Having a few non-alcoholic options is always a good idea such as water, tea, lemonade, sparkling water, juice, or sodas. Decide if you are going to serve drinks or if it’s BYOB. If you’re serving drinks keep it simple.

Some good options are just serving wine and pick one white and one red. You could also just place a variety of beers in a cooler. Another great option if you’re wanting to serve mixed drinks is having a drink dispenser. This allows you to have the drinks per made and everyone can always serve themselves. Regardless of the drink option I always think it’s best to have options that the guests can get themselves. You’ll be busy cleaning up and worrying about all the food going out and spending time with people, so there’s no need to also be making drinks for everyone.

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Gathering Ideas

When hosting holidays it can be fun to have a few games or things for the whole family to do. Having some yard games set up is always a fun option such as washers, wood block towers, or corn hole. If playing lawn games isn’t you thing playing a big board game or card game is another fun idea. You could even consider setting up a projector outside to watch a Christmas movie or the football games outside by a fire with roasting marshmallows.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re looking for some different ways to exchange gifts with the family you could consider doing a secret Santa, so everyone buys a gift for a different person. You could also do a fun white elephant gift exchange with the family. Another great option to consider would be having the whole family donate gifts to a local charity.

Hopefully these 6 easy things to include in Christmas preparation for hosting helped give you some suggestions on different ideas and ways to prepare. For more Christmas ideas from preparation to hosting to gift ideas follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest. Overall try not to get too overwhelmed by the busy holiday season and remember to enjoy the time surrounded by loved ones.

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Disclaimer: Alcohol should only be consumed if you are of legal drinking age (US 21+) and always drink responsibly.

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