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75+ Beautiful Decorating Ideas to Decorate Your Home this Christmas

The Christmas season is truly a magical time of the year. I love Christmas from the decorating, to family gatherings, the food, finding gifts for family, giving back, Christmas lights, baking cookies, and so much more. There’s something just so cozy and comforting about the Christmas season. Everything about the Christmas season gives me so much to love, but one of my favorites has to be decorating the house for Christmas each year. The house can truly transform into a Christmas oasis once it is all decorated. Below I’m sharing 75+ beautiful decorating ideas to decorate your home this Christmas. I hope these 75+ ideas to decorate your home this Christmas give you some great ideas and inspiration of different Christmas decor items to decorate with.

Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are probably the first decor go to for Christmas. There are a lot of different ways to get creative with your Christmas tree. You can also change it up a little each year, so you feel like you have a newly decorated tree each year. I’m a big fan of artificial pre-lit Christmas trees. They are easy with being pre-lit and personally I don’t like the smell of real Christmas trees. Yes I know – unpopular opinion, but it is just not for me. Below are some different options for artificial Christmas trees if you too prefer going with an artificial tree.

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A great way to change your tree up a little bit each year is by switching up the tree skirt and ornaments. I love personal ornaments especially if you have kids and have ornaments they have made. We always add some family ornaments to our tree and also include some store bought ornaments to have a mix of both. I love to do a color theme to our tree to change it up year to year. It usually is relatively simple with buying some colored bulb ornaments and colored garland/ribbon for the tree. Some theme ideas could be blue, silver, and white for a winter wonderland feel. You could also consider neutrals with white, silver, and gold, you could also do black and white, or even red and gold. The possibilities are really endless.

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Dining Table

Decorating a dining room table is another great way to decorate for the holidays. Especially if you host Christmas at your house decorating your table for Christmas is a great way to get festive. There’s several different ways to decorate your table. Adding a Christmas themed table runner, table cloth, or place settings is a great way to get started with decorating your dining table. Decorating with some Christmas decor for your centerpiece is another way to decorate your dining table for the holiday. Consider adding some Christmas candles, polpourii, greenery, or small Christmas decor to make your Christmas dining centerpiece.

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Food Platters

Festive platters for food or drinks is another great way to decorate for Christmas. This is perfect for if you host Christmas at your house for the family, have a Christmas party, or just want to be festive for you and your family during the Christmas season.

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Throw Pillows

Switching out your couch throw pillows is another way to decorate your home for the Christmas season. Adding red and green pillows or even Christmas themed throw pillows add a wonderful Christmas feel to a living room. Changing up the throw pillows are also a super easy way to decorate. You could even consider using decorative pillow covers. Pillow covers give the look of new pillows, but are much easier to store, so you can re-use them year after year.

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Christmas Table Decor

Small simple table decor pieces are a great way to spruce up your coffee table, tv console, bookcases, shelves, or end tables for the Christmas season. There are so many options when it comes to small table decor. I’d recommend trying to stick to the theme you have going in your house or your particular style. If you prefer a neutral home you could decorate with neutral colored Christmas table decor, or red and green Christmas table decor, farmhouse Christmas table decor, or whatever style you prefer.

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Stockings are another popular and common Christmas decor item. They are both decorative and functional for Christmas day. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantle consider hanging your stocking along a tv console or use hooks to hang stockings on the wall.

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Outdoor Decor

Decorating the outside of your house for Christmas can be so fun. One of my favorite parts of the season is driving around looking at Christmas lights. Aside from Christmas lights there’s more outdoor decor that can be used to decorate the outside of your house.

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Christmas Wall Decor

Switching up wall decor for holidays is an easy and simple way to transform your house for the holiday. If you take family photos for different seasons start by adding those Christmas/Holiday photos to your frames in your house. You could also switch out some of the wall art you have throughout your home for some Christmas themed pieces.

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Bedroom Decor

Spruce up your bedroom decor this Christmas season by adding some warm colored throw pillows and blankets. Adding some red, green, and other holiday colors to your bedding can instantly transform your bedroom without having to have Christmas trees, snowman, etc. You can also add some Christmas decor to your dresser.

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Countdown Ideas

There are several different Christmas countdown decor items that are beautiful. Whether you have kids or not it can be fun to countdown to Christmas throughout the month of December. There are many different wall calendars or table decor that can be a decorative way to countdown to Christmas.

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I hope you found these 75+ ideas to decorate your home this Christmas helpful. For more holiday decor, DIY house projects, hosting tips and more follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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