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8 Ways to Decorate Your House for Under $100

Decorating your home can quickly add up. Especially if you are moving into your first apartment or house and don’t have much yet it can become overwhelming how quickly everything adds up. First there is furniture, appliances, possible house projects, and then decor. Having a set budget established for each week/month can be a great way to start tackling everything little by little. Home decor doesn’t have to be crazy expensive though. There are some great options for under $100 that could really start to make your house or apartment feel like home. If you are renting a space check out this blog post on home decor for those who rent. Here are some ideas for 8 ways to decorate your house for under $100.

Wall Decor

Wall decor is a simple and easy way to decorate your space. Some wall decor such as large art pieces can be costly. Consider shopping for some more cost effective wall decor if you are on a budget. Shelves can make a create option for making a statement on the wall and having lots of decorating possibilities. Utilizing picture frames is another inexpensive way to decorate the walls plus you get to showcase family photos. Abstract wall decor and art pieces can also be found for under $100 too. Shopping when stores are running sales or there’s a coupon can be a great way to get a good deal on wall decor pieces.

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Who doesn’t love a good candle right? The great thing about candles is there’s tons of options and they can also help decorate the space. Candles come in so many different options from scents, to sizes, to jars, to pillars, or even candlesticks. There are tons of options which makes them a great choice for decorating a space on a budget. Candles also come in different price points, colors, and scents so it’ll be perfect to find something that matches your space. They also make your home smell amazing and add a nice cozy calm environment to the space.

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Throw Pillows/Blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are a great way to add a pop of color to your bed, couch or even an accent chair. They make your space feel cozy and are also a great option for decorating on a budget. Adding options such as having a large basket to hold blankets or some spare pillows is another great option. For a farmhouse look consider adding a wood ladder against a wall and toss a couple blankets over it to decorate and store the throw blankets.

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Picture Frames

Picture frames are a beautiful way to add a personalized touch to a space. They can be hung on the wall to really make a statement or standing picture frames can be used to add some decor to surfaces. I love a good gallery wall in a home to really showcase the family, make it feel like home, and also make a bold statement on the wall. You can easily use small picture frames to add more pictures to a wall or keep it more simple with choosing maybe 3 large picture frames.

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Decorative Accents

There are so many decor options when it comes to decorative accents. These accent pieces could be small abstract art sculptures, vases, baskets, bowls and so much more. Decorative coffee table style books is another one of my favorite ways to decorate. They look great on a TV console, coffee table, end table, dresser, or bookcase. They are also great to look at from time to time and can offer fun decor inspiration for your home. Lamps are another fun way to decorate a space. They are great especially if you need some more light in a room, but also look great on just about any surface making them a great decor option.

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Large area rugs can definitely be expensive. Adding some small decorative accent rugs throughout your space can be a less expensive way to still get the throw rug look and add some color without the price tag of a large area rug. Consider adding a runner near the entryway or kitchen. Small area rugs at the end of a bed, by a door, in the bathroom, or an entryway are some other great places to add some small area rugs to your space.

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I love the look of plants in a home whether real or artificial. The natural look adds a brightness to the space and the greenery from plants compliments just about any color scheme or style. They are also great because floor plants make a great option to add something more to a room, but smaller plants also look great on any surface.

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Mirrors are a great way to add a statement to a wall. I love adding a nice mirror over a dresser in a bedroom or console table in a living room. Floor mirrors are another great way to add some decor to a room. They are also a great way to decorate “up” a wall without having to hang items all over the walls.

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