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Easy Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Our second bathroom in our home was very basic and white when we moved in. The shower had been updated fairly recently, but the rest of the bathroom was looking dated. I love white walls, but for a garage bathroom they didn’t seem to make a ton of sense. Everything in the bathroom was white, which just got dirty real quick. We decided we wanted to change the bathroom up a little bit to give it a more modern feel and add some decor. To transform the bathroom we only made some small changes, but the end result looks completely different. Let’s dive into this easy modern farmhouse bathroom remodel before and after.

Image of bathroom before remodel

Demo for this Bathroom Remodel

We started out with an all white bathroom. The bulky cabinet, mirror, glass shelf, light fixture and towel rod weren’t really our style, so we decided to take all of those out to give the bathroom a makeover.

Paint for Bathroom

We started with all white walls and decided to add a little color, but still keep things pretty neutral. We went with a light tan color for the bathroom. Specifically we used Behr Paint in the color Casade Beige with an eggshell finish. To add a little accent to this small bathroom we decided to include a painted herringbone accent wall.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

This bathroom is relatively small, so I wanted to keep the decor pretty simple. This is also a garage bathroom, so it didn’t need anything extreme. I added 2 towel hooks to hang towels on, a small shelf to hold spare toilet paper, and updated the mirror to a sleek black framed oval mirror. We also added a new light fixture as well. The goal with the bathroom was to keep things simple, but make it more modern. This decor definitely helped us achieve that goal especially with replacing the bulky cabinet for a small shelf and adding an accent wall.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Below you can see the finished modern farmhouse bathroom remodel. We still plan to change out the baseboards and update the flooring in the future, but for now we are very pleased with how the bathroom update looks. I included the decor we used and some similar items below if you are interested in updating your own bathroom. Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see more DIY House Projects.

Image of bathroom after remodel

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