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Beautiful DIY Bathroom Remodel That was Cost Effective

Image of updated bathroom with painted white wall tile

Bathroom renovations can seem daunting. This post will show you our DIY bathroom remodel that was cost effective to help give you some inspiration. We decided we wanted to do a DIY bathroom remodel with painted wall tile to update our bathroom to give it a bit of a modern refresh. There was tan and cream speckled tile all along the walls and we didn’t want to have to hire a contractor or deal with having to replace drywall to remove the tile. We had to get a little creative in some ways we could potentially update the space without breaking the bank or doing a full bathroom remodel. Our bathroom originally had a big rectangular gold mirror, with cream walls, and a brown wood vanity with granite counter top. The vanity was somewhat new, but the brown wood wasn’t quite our style.

After some brainstorming we came up with a plan for our DIY bathroom remodel. We decided to refinish the wall tile and shower all white by using a resurfacing paint designed for resurfacing showers and/or sinks. Also, we wanted to paint the vanity a dusty blue to give a contrast of color into the bathroom along with tie it into the color scheme of our house. We chose an ivory color to re-paint the bathroom walls to compliment the neutral tones in our house. The ivory color worked with the tan granite on the vanity since that was staying too. Lastly, we replaced the big gold mirror with a circular mirror.

Bathroom remodel after with white paint on wall tile in bathroom

DIY Bathroom Remodel Supply List:

  • Tough as Tile Spray Refinishing Kit in White
  • Behr Dolphin Blue Paint
  • Behr Varnished Ivory Paint
  • Vanity hardware
  • Circular mirror
  • Shower curtain
  • Rug
  • Shelves
  • Shelf decor
  • Wall decor

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DIY Bathroom Remodel – Painting the Tile

Preparing to Paint Wall Tile in Bathroom

The hardest part of this project was definitely painting the wall tile. It’s quite the task to actually paint all the tile in a bathroom and not always recommended. We used Tough as Tile white spray refinishing kit. This is technically designed to be used to resurface a sink or tub not necessarily the wall tile in a bathroom.

First, we had to remove everything out of the bathroom. Then, we followed the instructions on the Tough as Tile box to prepare the surface. The preparation is definitely the key to getting a good finish, so it was worth all the time that was spent on it. Preparing the tile probably took about 6-7 hours to thoroughly clean and sand everything. The tile had to be cleaned multiple times and sanded.

After all the preparation was complete, we used drop cloths to cover everything we did not want painted and used painter’s tape to seal everything off. We literally covered everything from floor to ceiling. This was another extremely important piece because since the paint is in a spray can it got everywhere. We had paint on places that were even covered with the drop cloth. Thankfully it did come off from the few spots on the floor, but we were very glad we took the time to cover everything.

Painting the Tile

The next step was actually painting the tile. This paint has very strong fumes, so a mask is definitely necessary. A mask with a respirator would be ideal, which is what we used. We also opened all the windows in the house and had fans to try to help manage the fumes. Follow the directions on the box for the time to wait in between each coat.

Overall we ended up using 3 boxes or 6 cans of paint and applied 3 coats. The paint had to dry for 48 hours then we removed all the painter’s tape and drop cloths. As I mentioned, some paint did get onto the floor, but we were able to get that off with some rubbing alcohol.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Before and After

Painting the Vanity and Walls

The next step was painting the vanity and the walls. We decided to go with a dusty blue color for an accent in the bathroom for the vanity. We have this same color accented throughout our house along with our neutral color scheme. This helped to tie the bathroom in with the rest of our house much more then before.

Then we went with an ivory color for the walls to have a slight contrast from the white shower curtain. We also kept the tan and brown granite on the vanity, so we needed to find a neutral color that would compliment the granite while also complimenting the grey walls throughout our house. This ivory color was the perfect solution.

The vanity paint color we used is Behr dolphin blue and the wall color is Behr varnished ivory. We did a semi-gloss finish for the vanity and eggshell finish on the walls.

DIY Bathroom Remodel Cost

Overall this whole DIY bathroom renovation cost less than $500, which is substantially less then what most people probably think of when it comes to bathroom renovations. The bathroom looks quite different and more updated without having to hire a contractor or spending thousands. It’s amazing what some paint and changing up the decor can do to a space. The cost might vary depending on the exact products used and what supplies you already have versus needing to buy, but overall this was definitely a less expensive route to go and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

I hope seeing our bathroom remodel that was cost effective gave some inspiration to think outside of the box for DIY ways to update your home. Maybe you’ll even give a DIY bathroom remodel a try too. To stay up to date on more home improvement projects follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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  1. How did you deal with the tile behind the toilet? I have the same tile situation in my bathroom and that’s what’s been holding me back from trying to paint it.
    Yours looks so good!

    1. Thank you Kate! We covered the whole toilet with drop cloths to completely wrap around the toilet and secured it all with blue painters tape. It was definitely harder to get behind the toilet. We also used the spray version of the tough as tile to paint ours.

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