We bought our first house with the idea of fixing it up to make it more modern and our own. The space had a great living room to start with it just needed some updates and decor changes to update the space. The first thing we did when we moved in was add a ceiling fan with a light to the room. Believe it or not the living room had no light in it, which made it challenging to come paint the house in the evenings before moving in. Since moving in we have made several other updates to the living such as flooring, furniture, decor, and much more. Let me walk you through our beautiful modern living room transformation.

Modern Living Room Transformation

The Before

Below is a look at what our living room looked like before we updated it. We had old tan carpet and all our furniture from our first apartment. The furniture was small for the size of the room and we were ready to make some changes and upgrade.

The Flooring

We updated the flooring in the entire house all at the same time. It was quite the project especially since we did it all ourselves with the help of some friends. Talk about the fun of living in your house during a renovation for 6 weeks. We pulled out all the tan carpet from the living room and replaced it with wood look tile. The carpet was old, not really our style, and definitely wasn’t ideal with having dogs that shed. I love how the wood look tile came out and it makes such a big difference in the overall look of the room. We also updated the baseboards while doing the floors as well. You can read more about our floor renovation here.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Furniture

After replacing the flooring we slowly started updating the furniture. I think one of the biggest things to remember as a new homeowner especially if you’re updating the space is it’s okay for everything not to be perfect right away. We have been taking everything one project at a time by coming up with a plan, budgeting, saving, and then working on that project. First, we replaced our couch for something bigger to fit the living room space. We went with a nice sectional that’s a linen color. It is extremely comfortable and I would highly recommend.

We also replaced our TV console for something bigger after getting a new TV that we mounted to the wall. Eventually, we added a fun striped accent chair to the room as well. To add more seating for when guests come over we also added two console tables behind the couch and put four barstools under them. These console tables are honestly one of my favorite features of our living room. They are extremely convenient for when guests come over or even if we are eating something while watching something on TV.

Living Room Decor

After updating the floors and furniture I started to update the living room decor. We wanted more decor to fit our style and coming from a one bedroom apartment to a house what we had was limited. I added some new wall decor, switched out the blinds for floor length curtains, added some decorative books, plants, candles and more. Below you can see our full living room transformation.

Shop Our Living Room Transformation

I hope this helped give you some inspiration on decor ideas and ways to update your living room. It’s amazing what changing up just some small decor pieces or wall decor can really do to a space. Even just adding some new throw pillows to the couch or an area rug can make it feel like the room got a little refresh. Follow along on Instagram for more home decor ideas and to stay up to date on the DIY house projects we are working on.

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