Christmas Tree Theme Inspiration for Your Christmas Tree this Year

The Christmas season is here. It is easily one of my favorite times of the year. One of the best parts of the Christmas season is putting up all the Christmas decor if you ask me. I especially love putting up the tree and decorating it each year. Typically I like to change it up a little year after year. It might be just simply using different ribbon on the tree or changing up the theme all together. I usually stick to a color theme for our tree or a specific style and then still add some of our meaningful family ornaments too. This year we are sticking to a neutral themed Christmas tree. Think whites, silver, gold, and champagne colors. I can’t wait! Let’s explore so Christmas tree theme inspiration for your Christmas tree this year.

Neutral Christmas Tree Inspiration

I love a good neutral tree! It’s easily one of my favorite ways to style a tree and what I chose to do this year. For the colors of anything going on the tree I like to keep it completely neutral. So I go with whites, grey, silver, gold, tan, brown, and/or black. These can be colors for a topper, picks, ribbons, and/or ornaments. The inspiration with this theme includes white ribbon, pine cone picks, white poinsettias, gold picks, plus silver, gold, and white ornaments.


Blue Christmas Tree Inspiration

Blue and white Christmas trees always give me that winter wonderland feel. I feel like it makes the room feel cool and cozy perfect for the holiday season. Not to mention it also looks beautiful and would complement a house wonderfully especially if you have blue in your house. For the winter wonderland look I love the idea of a silver or blue ribbon. You can pair it with silver, white, and different shades of blue ornaments. Adding some blue, white or silver picks would also really help to complete the look.


Farmhouse Christmas Tree Inspiration

When I think farmhouse I instantly think burlap. Pairing a farmhouse themed Christmas tree with a thick burlap ribbon would be perfect. The farmhouse theme can be a little fun to play with because there’s some flexibility with the color scheme. If you’re going with a farmhouse theme I’d think rustic metal ornaments, wood ornaments, and burlap. Having some plaid elements such as additional ribbon or ornaments would also work great with the farmhouse theme. The fun part of a farmhouse theme is you can pretty much include any color you want. Consider using your homes color scheme to keep everything cohesive. You could also go with something completely different for the tree to really pop out with some color if you prefer or you could even stick to a neutral color schemes. There are endless possibilities with a farmhouse Christmas tree theme.


Traditional Red and Green Christmas Tree Inspiration

Consider sticking to the traditional Christmas color scheme of red and green for your Christmas tree this year. The traditional red and green can keep your Christmas tree looking classic, timeless, and festive. This is a great option if you want a pop of color while still being cohesive with your house. Even if your house doesn’t necessarily have red or green this theme probably won’t look too out of place since the red and green is a classic Christmas look. You can even consider combining neutral colors with the red and green. Think about adding silver, white, brown, or gold to your Christmas tree with this theme. Adding some different picks can also be a fun way to break up the colors. Consider adding pine cone picks or white picks to add some neutral colors and allow the red and green to really pop with the contrast of colors. This is the perfect theme if you are wanting to get extra festive this holiday season.


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