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Great Tips and Ideas on Decor for Dining Room Walls

Decorating a dining room can feel tricky especially if you are working with a small room. You want to add a little more then just a table and chairs, but you also don’t want it to feel over crowded or crammed. Adding decor to the dining room walls can be the perfect solution to making a dining room feel complete and homey without being crowded. There are multiple options when it comes to decor for dining room walls.

Add shelves to dining room walls

One option that can be great for dining room walls is to add shelving. Shelves are a great way to add wall decor without being limited to just pictures. Once you’ve added shelves you can decorate the shelves however you’d like. Shelves could be a great place to showcase beautiful glassware in a dining room. Of course, make sure the shelves are sturdy enough to hold any item that is on them. Shelves could also be decorated beautifully with some plants, cookbooks, a vase, and/or photos.

Shelves also add the opportunity to add a coffee bar area to a dining room. You could add a simple console table or buffet table under the shelves to easily set up a nice coffee bar station in the dining room. For more ideas on setting up a coffee bar area check out this blog post.

Consider a gallery wall for dining room

A gallery wall is another great option for a dining room space. The dining room table is a place for family to gather for dinner or maybe family game nights. Having a gallery wall to showcase family photos is perfect for this space. If you are wanting to keeping the dining room neutral with the color scheme consider adding a black and white photo gallery wall. Another option for a gallery wall could be to display photos of trips your family has been on if you travel often. These could be all scenic photos, but still tell a story and hold meaningful memories.

Hang artwork on dining room walls

Hanging artwork in a dining room is a great way to add in some color and also keep the space feeling calm and relaxing. After a long day when you sit down for dinner you want the dining room to feel homey and soothing. Having subtle abstract artwork pieces can be a great way to add decor to a dining room space without it feeling too busy. Consider framed artwork pieces, canvases, wood wall art, or even metal wall art. There are so many wall art options out there the options are really endless.

I hope this helped give you some inspiration on decor for dining room walls. For more dining room decor ideas check out this blog post decorating a dining room with modern decor. As always for house project ideas and more home decor tips be sure to follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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