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Beautiful Dining Room Ideas using Modern Decor

The dining room can be on of the most important spaces in a home. Since it’s one of the most important spaces you’ll want to think of some beautiful dining room ideas when decorating your home. It doesn’t have to be this big extraordinary fancy formal dining room filled with china either. A simple dining room area is really a big part of a home. Think about the memories you create in your home. Where were those memories? Think about where you gather when you have guests over. Most likely the dining room along with a living room are some of the most important spaces in a home. Typically this is where your family gathers to eat dinner each night. This could be where you family gathers to talk about everyone’s day or maybe even gathers for family game nights.

A dining room is a very welcoming and family centered room in the home. Since so many family memories can be made in a dining room I think it’s important to think about the decor and furniture in this room to really make it functional towards creating memories. Here are some beautiful dining room ideas using modern decor that might help give you some inspiration for your own home.

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Dining Room Ideas with Modern Furniture

The main furniture in a dining room is pretty much always going to be your dining room table and your chairs. If you’re on the hunt for new dining room furniture I’d consider a few things before starting to look. First, think about how many people you need to fit around the table. It might not be how many people live in your home. Maybe you frequently have friends or family over every week, so you might want to consider that when looking for furniture. Next, I’d consider the shape you want rectangular, square, oval, or round. Lastly, for the table I’d consider the color you are wanting to go with. If you are going for a modern farmhouse look I always think wood tables are a great staple. Some black tables can also be a beautiful option.

Once you’ve thought about what you want in terms of the table it’s time to consider the chairs. There’s a ton of options when it comes to chairs. In terms of style you could do chairs, stools, benches, or a combination. You also have a lot of material options. There are metal chairs, fabric, and even wood. I consider thinking about what fits you lifestyle best. For example, having metal or wood chairs might be more ideal if you have kids, so if something spills it doesn’t absorb into fabric. I personally have metal chairs and absolutely love them. They can definitely be cold at times though, so if you live somewhere with cooler temperatures that might not be the best option. Think about the style you are going for overall, but don’t forget to account for the functionality too.

Dining Room Ideas – Wall Decor

Wall decor in a dining room can definitely be subtle and doesn’t need to be overdone. I like to think of the dining room as a very family centered space in the home. Since the dining room is a place for family to gather having family photos on the wall is a great option. Consider doing some large family photos or even a small gallery wall. Other ideas for wall decor in a dining room might be some simple wall art pieces or abstract art. Consider adding some floating shelves to be able to add beautiful accent pieces to as well.

Dining Room Accents

Decorative accents and decorative furniture can be a great option for the dining room. Decorative accent pieces can go perfectly on shelves, on top of accent furniture, or even on a bookcase. Accent pieces could be vases, floral arrangements, plants, abstract art pieces, and much more. You could even consider decorating your dining room area with some nice plates, glasses or even mugs if you have a place to store them. Depending on the set up you could also consider having a buffet table that’s used as a coffee station or even bar area. A bar cart is another great option that can be used to decorate a dining room area.

Dining Room Table Setting Ideas

The table setting on the dining room table is a great way to decorate the room. It is also an easy way to change up decor in your house for the holidays or different seasons. Finding the right table decor might seem a little overwhelming. I love to start out with a table runner and then go from there. You could definitely change your table runner with each season and/ or holiday, but if you are looking for a more budget friendly option I suggest sticking to something neutral. That way your table runner works perfectly year round and you can just change up the decor you place on top of it.

There are certainly plenty of elaborate table setting ideas out there. I find keeping things simple tends to be the most functional. The top tip I have when it comes to the table setting is to pick pieces that aren’t going to block people’s view. You don’t want to have a beautiful decor piece on your table, but then it prevents the people sitting across from each other from being able to see each other while talking. Some table decor ideas that I love are candles, greenery, floral arrangements and seasonal decor (pumpkins, Christmas trees, Easter eggs, etc.).

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I hope these dining room ideas using modern decor helped give you some inspiration for some beautiful dining room decor ideas. Stay tuned for more decor ideas for different rooms in the house coming soon. Follow along on Instagram @realwholesomelife, so you don’t miss the latest home decor inspiration, house projects, and much more!

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