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We spent a week traveling between Christmas and New Years in 2018. It was an amazing time to explore new places and recharge. Our trip included 5 days in North Carolina and 2 days in Charleston, SC. We have been to North Carolina numerous times. I’ll share some of our favorite food stops and must see places in another blog post. 

This was both Parker and I’s first time in Charleston. It’s an amazing city. Three ways I’d describe Charleston are: historical, delicious food, and beautiful parks. The highlight of Charleston is the history behind the city. All the buildings, shops, and houses have a historical feel that’s cherished in the city. 

During our short 2 days in Charleston we visited Battery Park, walked through the shops on Kings Street, went to Waterfront Park, explored the Charleston Market, walked down Rainbow Row, ate a bunch of delicious food, and visited the Charleston Museum. We were hoping to visit Fort Sumter, but it was closed while we were there; so we decided to visit the Charleston Museum, which was fun to explore and learn some of the history behind the city. 

Battery Park was our first stop, which included beautiful trees over the walkway and a nice path to walk along the water. I’d definitely recommend enjoying a nice scenic walk around Battery Park as it’s right around the corner from Rainbow Row and Waterfront Park. Our next stop was Waterfront Park, which has more scenic views along the water and a beautiful pineapple fountain. Rainbow Row featured buildings that were all different colors and was a fun historic landmark in Charleston to see. I loved that the locals really seemed to want to preserve the history of the city. The Charleston Market was filled with creativity from all the different vendors. This was one of my favorite stops in Charleston. I had a great time walking around the market and just seeing the creativity behind what each vendor had made. We made a trip down Kings Street to walk through all the shops. The street is lined with boutiques, some local shops, and chain stores. If you are looking for places to shop Kings Street is the place to be. Our last stop before we left was the Charleston Museum. We enjoyed learning more history about the city and learning some facts about the places we had visited. The museum was displayed nicely and is a great place to stop if you’re looking to learn some history about the city. 

We definitely ate our way through Charleston and didn’t have a single bad meal. Our first stop was a little deli style market called Caviar & Bananas. We had lunch their both days, so that in itself should explain how delicious it was. The first day Parker enjoyed their Italiana sandwich and I created my own salad. Day 2 of lunch at Caviar & Bananas included a make your own sandwich for me and the Italiana again for Parker. He said it’s possibly the best Italian sandwich he’s ever had. I loved that they had create your own, vegan and gluten-free options, so it is suitable for many different diets. 

While walking around we saw numerous oyster bars, so we felt obligated to give one of them a try for dinner. Parker had never had oysters before either, so it was a fun experience for him to try something new. The oyster bar we went to was Pearlz and it was right in Downtown Charleston. We ordered 6 char-broiled oysters to start. I thought they were delicious, but Parker found out he’s not a huge fan of oysters. For dinner I had a tuna burger, which was incredible and I’ve never seen anything like it on a menu before. It had ahi tuna, seaweed salad, cucumber and carrots. It tasted amazing and was an excellent combination.

Our last morning in Charleston was finished off with a vacation treat. We stopped by a little donut shop called Bked Shop that served vegan donuts. Big win for me being dairy-free!! The donuts were very filling and quite tasty. If you’re ever in Charleston I’d recommend checking any of these places out! It’s a great vacation spot for good food, beautiful scenery, shopping, and some history.

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