My All Time Favorite House Cleaning Products

There’s nothing better the walking into your home and seeing a nice clean house. You walk in to the fresh scents of lemon from clean counters and cotton from clean loads of laundry. This sounds wonderful, but let’s be honest the house isn’t always clean. I try my best to keep our house pretty clean and tidy because I don’t like our space cluttered, but sometimes it happens – that’s life. For us I can try to keep our house clean as much as I want, but having a dog who sheds make that somewhat impossible – cue the vacuuming daily, but it’s okay she’s worth it. The cleaning products we use definitely making cleaning easier for us and convenient. I’ve included some of my favorite house cleaning products below that we use every week to keep our home clean.

Aside from vacuuming I try to follow cleaning our house once a week. The first week is a lighter clean with bathrooms, floors, kitchen, and common areas. Then the second week is more of a deep cleaning with wiping window, shelves, dusting higher surfaces, and more. One of my favorite cleaning products that requires very minimal effort is using essential oils to help keep our house smelling fresh and clean throughout the week. Our vacuum and mop also make it easy to clean the floors throughout the week.


This Dyson vacuum is my favorite. It’s super convenient that it is cordless making it super easy to vacuum multiple times a week, which is necessary for us with a dog that sheds. It picks up dog hair great too! We have the V7, which is a little more cost friendly then some of the newer versions. Even the V7 is still definitely a splurge purchase, but in my opinion it was totally worth it especially with how often we are vacuuming.


I love the Swiffer for easy mopping throughout the week. Between us coming in and out of the house and our dog we are constantly tracking dirt into the house. The Swiffer is super easy and convenient to mop whenever necessary without having to fill up a big bucket with water and moping solution. The Swiffer solution makes the house smell great and the mop is great at locking in dirt.


I love a good oil diffusor. It’s great if you prefer to stick to more of a natural route by using essential oils to add a clean fresh scent to your house. I also enjoy running a nice lemon & mint essential oil through our oil diffusor while I’m cleaning to give the house a really clean and fresh smell throughout. The oil diffusor also works great to run whenever guests come over or have some lavender going before bed or when you are feeling a little stressed.


Keeping the house organized also helps me tremendously when it comes to cleaning. Not too much time has to be spent picking up items and you can focus on just cleaning the surfaces. Having clear bins, drawer organizers, and baskets is one of my favorite ways to help keep everything organized around the house. These are some of my favorite organization items below:

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