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Great Tools and Ideas to Organize Kitchen

The kitchen can be a difficult place to keep organized in a house. Between the kitchen cabinets, drawers, the fridge, and pantry there’s a lot of organization to be done. Having the proper tools and systems in place can be the key to keeping a kitchen organized. When everything has a designated spot in the kitchen it makes it much easier to have it remain organized. Here are some great tools and ideas to organize a kitchen.

Ideas to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

Depending on how many cabinets are in your kitchen, organizing cabinets can be easier then other areas of the kitchen. For kitchen cabinets I’d start with the basics. Store items like plates, bowls, coffee mugs, glasses, and serving bowls in the kitchen cabinets. Having one set of each of these helps to keep everything organized because they can all stack on top of each other. If you have multiple sets of plates consider down sizing to one set. Once those items are stored if there is additional cabinet space you can store items such as pots and pans or pantry goods. Using organizers for pots/lids can help keep the cabinets looking neat year round.

Organize Kitchen Drawers

When it comes to organizing kitchen drawers having tools and a system really is key. Without the proper tools to help keep the kitchen drawers organized they can quickly start to look like junk drawers. Having drawer dividers or small baskets definitely helps to keep everything where it belongs. Every kitchen is set up slightly different, but some staple items I like to keep in kitchen drawers are silverware, measuring cups, serving utensils, kitchen towels, and spices.

Ideas to Organize Pantry

Pantry organization can be tricky, because items are constantly going in and out. I think the key to having a pantry that actually stays organized is having a solid system in place. The system should be something that everyone in your household can follow. That way everyone knows where things belong for the pantry to stay orderly. Some things I find helpful for creating an organized pantry are clear containers, labels, and categories. Categories meaning that similar food items are in the same area. For example, all the baking ingredients are together, all the breakfast/coffee items are together, etc. To read some more ideas and tips on creating an organized pantry head over to this blog post.

Organize the Kitchen Refrigerator

Having an organized refrigerator can be tricky just like the pantry. When you have a space that has items constantly going in and out everyday it is much more challenging to keep it organized. The best solution is to have a set system. Having fridge organizers and labels can really help everyone in the household know where items belong in the fridge. I love using storage containers in our fridge because it also allows items to stack on top of each other to have even more storage space. For more tips on organizing a kitchen refrigerator check out this blog post.

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