Grocery Shopping

Do you go to the grocery store overwhelmed with all the options? Are you not sure how to shop for healthy food when on a budget? Have you established the staple food items you buy every week? Do you want to start meal prepping, but are not sure how or what to make? Let’s chat because although the big grocery store might be intimating it’s fairly simple to navigate when you break it down.

  • First thing is first. Let’s start with all the options inside the big grocery store. There can be so many options and trying to buy “healthy” food can be a struggle. Have you ever gone to a grocery store other than your weekly go to and get so lost. The good news is many grocery stores are actually set up somewhat the same. The perimeter of most groceries stores contains all your meats & produce. Then many grocery stores leave the aisles for the packaged proceeded goods. My go to when shopping at the grocery store is to try to make sure the majority of my cart is filled with the meats and produce from the perimeter.
  • Trying to eat well and nutritious might seem expensive right? There’s a stigma that eating well is expensive. The key is setting a budget that works for you and then working to find healthy foods that fit in that budget. When shopping for produce consider shopping at a local produce stand or farmer’s market. The prices for produce can be cheaper than grocery stores. Also, consider your options if you can’t afford to buy fresh produce or organic produce consider your options with frozen vegetables. Check local advertisements for grocery stores too. Some grocery stores tend to have cheaper produce then others.
  • Establish weekly staple food items. Set specific foods that work within your lifestyle. This might mean making sure you grab 2 different types of easy grab and go veggies/fruits to snack on for the week (ex: carrots, grapes, apples, oranges, cucumbers, bell peppers, etc). This might include grabbing eggs every week to make different breakfasts for the week (ex: egg scramble, omelettes, egg sandwiches, etc.). This is also a good mindset to have when meal prepping. Establish what you need for the week between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Fill in the slots with different variations and meals each week to not get bored eating the same food on repeat.

These are some basic tips to keep in mind when grocery shopping. Stay tuned for blog posts on eating healthy on a budget and more on meal prepping soon!

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