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Beautiful Home Decor Essentials for Dogs

If you follow me on Instagram you likely know I’m a huge dog person and our 2 dogs are a big part of our family. Dogs make a great addition to a home, but it’s important to have certain dog essentials in your home for them. After all it’s their home too! Sometimes the essential items might not make for the most “stylish” home decor though. Here are some tips and some of my personal favorite ways to have beautiful home decor essentials for dogs.

Toy Basket

Having a toy basket for your dogs is essential to hold all the toys they love to play with. It also helps to have one location to store all the toys. If your dogs are anything like mine the toys will likely end up all over the house regardless, but it’s still nice to have a basket to put them into when trying to clean up. Toy baskets that are specifically for dogs can be cute, but might not go with the decor in your house. I like to just find a basket that goes with my home decor and use that to store our dogs toys.

Consider the basket you pick though especially if you have a puppy. It’s likely that your dog might chew on the basket especially during the puppy stage. My favorite toy basket we have used is the one we currently have because it can be washed! It’s a cream color which goes beautifully in our house, but with 2 dogs that shed plus the dirt they bring in it definitely needs a wash from time to time.


Pick toys that are functional for your dog and that they like. I always think it’s fun to take them to the store to pick out a toy themselves. If you’re dogs are anything like mine then they likely hate they’re toys being in a toy basket. Our dogs will pull out toys just so they aren’t in the basket even if they don’t want to play with them. Consider picking toys that match the color scheme of your home. This will help the dog toys seem a little less out of place when they end up scattered all over the floor.

Dog Bed

Having a nice cozy place for your dog to sleep is so important! It’s their place to rest after playing all day. Personally we have a couple dog beds in our house because we like for our pups to be able to relax out in the living room with us. When it comes to having the dog beds match our decor I like to stick with solid colors. Patterned dog beds can be cute, but a lot of times the patterns don’t match other patterns you’d have in your house. My go to is typically solid neutral colors. We have a tan dog bed in the living room, which matches our couch and a grey one in our bedroom matching the bedroom furniture. The other must for me with a dog bed is it has to be washable. Accidents can happen, our dogs shed, and bring dirt in, so having a washable dog bed makes our life easier and keeps our house clean!

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Cleaning Essentials

Whether you dog sheds or not keeping your house clean with pets can be a challenge. The dogs go outside and play then come into the house tracking in all the dirt from outside. If the dogs shed then you have dog hair everywhere too. If you’re dogs are anything like mine they also get more water onto the floor then into their mouths when they drink water! (I’m sure my fellow lab lovers can relate.)

Some of my favorite ways to keep our house clean is by vacuuming daily, using essential oils to keep the house smelling fresh, and the Bissell Crosswave to really give our floors a good clean. The daily vacuum really helps to control the dirt and dog hair throughout the week. The Bissell Crosswave is a mop and vacuum that really gets our floors nice and clean. I love that it vacuums and mops at the same time, so I’m not just pushing around dirty water all over the floor. It has really made a huge difference in keeping our house clean!

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I hope this gave you some ideas for some beautiful home decor essentials for dogs. Remember that your dogs are included in your home too and they’re part of the family after all. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more home decor ideas!

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