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Ideas for Beautiful House Updates with Paint

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Home improvement projects can be expensive. Sometimes they start out small and then just start to add up quicker and quicker. A great way to transform a space or make some small updates is by simply getting a gallon of paint. Changing up the color of walls or furniture can completely transform the room. Paint could also be used to help give something a little bit of a refresh. We have made some house updates with paint in our house by painting the interior walls, painting bathroom tile, painting our shed, bathroom vanity, and our pantry. I’m sure there will be some more house updates with paint in the future too.

Bathroom Tile Update with Paint:

We decided we wanted to give our bathroom a little update, but did not want to have to hire a contractor. It also had tile all around the bottom half of the walls, which isn’t the most modern look now. Removing the tile meant having to replace drywall though and we weren’t looking to make it that big of a project right now. We got a little creative with ways we could update it without spending thousands or having to replace walls. Paint became our best friend with this little bathroom renovation.

The wall tile was tan and cream, so we updated it by using Tough as Tile Spray Resurfacing Kit. This was basically spray paint for wall tile. It has a bit more prep work and fumes then spray paint though. You can read more about it in the DIY Bathroom Remodel. It took an entire day and we used 6 cans of the Tough as Tile Spray Resurfacing Kit to paint all the wall tile in the bathroom and shower white instead of tan and cream. The bathtub was already white, so we didn’t have to worry about that.

Funny story is when we bought the house and for the first 6 months of living in the house we thought the previous owners had replaced the tub at some point with a white tub. The tub looked pretty new and typically used to be tan to go with the tile. For 6 months we assumed this was basically a brand new tub until we did the bathroom remodel. While preparing the tile you have to clean every inch very thoroughly and we actually realized that the tub was the original tub it had just been resurfaced with the same product in the same white color to update the look. That just shows how well this product can work if applied properly. We literally thought it was a new tub for 6 months in the house when in reality it was just a little paint.

Bathroom Vanity Update with Paint:

Another part of our bathroom remodel was updating the vanity. The vanity was fairly new most likely with a granite counter top. The granite counter top was nice, but the vanity itself was a dark brown wood. It looked nice, but did not go with the style of our house.

We decided to get a small quart of paint from Home Depot and see what we could do. I choose a dusty blue color (Behr Dolphin Blue) and simply just painted the entire vanity with a foam roller. The vanity didn’t have to be sanded down or anything before I simply just painted it. Some spots and corners were tricky to get to, but overall it was very easy and made the vanity look brand new. We also decided to replace the pulls on the vanity to complete the look, but painting the vanity was a super easy way to help transform our bathroom with just some paint.

Shed Update with Paint:

When we purchased our house it came with a decent sized shed in the backyard. This was great for storage, but it was white and all rusted, so it didn’t have the nicest look to it for the backyard. We didn’t like the look of how rusted it was, but who wants to buy a new shed when they first buy a new house. Like I could think of probably 20 other things I’d rather put that money towards then a new shed. Then we decided to get a little creative with some other options that might work other than buying a new shed.

I decided to give the whole shed a nice coat of paint and see what happens. I painted the shed Behr Dolphin Blue from Home Depot and painted the roof of the shed black. It turned out great and honestly looks like a new shed. It has held up well, so far and we painted it about 6 months ago. I’d imagine the rust will probably start coming through the paint over time, so it might need to be re-painted eventually or replaced when the time comes. Overall though we are very pleased with the outcome and it cost less than $100 to update the shed! Stay tuned for more house updates with paint to come in the future.

Other House Updates with Paint to Consider:

  • Painting wood furniture
  • Cabinets can be painted to transform a kitchen
  • Exterior of the house can be painted
  • Update the front door with a new paint color
  • Consider painting the doors in your house grey or black instead of white

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