Ways to be Adding Color to a Neutral Room

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If you are anything like me you may also love neutrals! They are very popular right now within homes for everything from flooring, wall color, and furniture. While I do love a nice neutral room it can be nice to add little pops of color in spaces too. It can seem challenging sometimes to think about how to add a little color without over doing it though. Let’s talk a little about ways to be adding color to a neutral room!


Furniture can be a great way to add color to a room. If you like to stick to more of a neutral color palette looking at accenting with some small furniture pieces could be a great way to add a pop of color. Think of things like an end table, dining room chairs, bookshelf, nightstands, or buffet tables. Adding some color to a space with furniture can also be done in a more subtle way by choosing fabric items that have a pattern. This could include a patterned accent chair that might have colored stripes for example. If you really want to make a statement you could add a bold colored couch or comforter to a room. Colors such as deep blues, navy, and olive greens are a great option for adding color to a neutral space. They make a bold presence, but still go with the other decor and keep a warm calming feel.


Adding color to a room can easily be done using decor. The options and possibilities when it comes to decor are truly endless. Accents of color can be added to a room using decor items such as curtains, throw blankets, candles, vases, decorative books, throw rugs, plants, throw pillows and so much more.


Wall decor such as wall art, photos, and accent walls are another great way to add an accent of color to a room. Accent walls can be done using different textures, different paint color, or maybe even wallpaper to add a different pattern to the room. Wall decor can be a great way to subtly add some hints of color if you aren’t looking to make a bold statement.

Some of my favorite colors to accent with in a neutral room are blues and greens. I love the look of warm and calming colors to a room. I like a room to feel relaxing and cozy when I look at it. Adding deep warm toned colors can help to create that cozy atmosphere. Some of these colors could be navy blue, olive green, dusty blue, rusty orange, or a light green. I hope this gave you some ideas of how to add color to a neutral room. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay update on the latest house projects and home decor tips!

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