Photo of a coffee and cocktail bar cart

Having a bar area at home can seem like a fun idea whether you use counter space or a bar cart. There are a lot of options with how you can display it and what to include. It also may depend on your preference. You could have the essentials for a wine bar area, cocktails, or even coffee. Let’s break down how to create a bar area at home.

Photo of a coffee and cocktail bar cart

Coffee Bar

I love a good coffee bar setup in any home. There can be a lot of options to a coffee bar, so you have to really specify it to fit your own personal needs. Once you have a piece of accent furniture, bar cart, or counter space to set up a coffee area you are ready to get started. The first item you’ll want to include is your coffee maker whether it be an espresso maker, french press, pour over, or coffee maker. Next, include some coffee mugs, to-go cups, or coffee tumblers depending on what fits your lifestyle. The next additions to your coffee bar could be flavored syrups, sugar, and/or a frother.

Once you have the essentials set up you can add some decor if you chose. Some great decor items for a coffee bar area are seasonal napkins, straws, signs, spoon rest, jar to hold coffee grounds or beans, and maybe even a coffee recipe book.

Wine Bar

If you love a nice glass of wine then including a wine bar in your home might sound like the perfect addition to you. First decide where the wine bar will go. You could use counter space or a piece of accent furniture. Some options are an accent cabinet, bar cart, or a bar specifically designed to hold wine. The options are endless.

Once you’ve decided on what to use for your wine bar then consider where you will store the wine. The cabinet may already have storage space, but if not consider a wine cooler, shelves, or a wall wine rack. If you choose to store it on the wall or shelf, of course, make sure it is sturdy for holding the wine bottles. Once you’ve added the bottles of wine to the bar area then you can add some wine glasses. If you have a lot of storage space you could choose to store all your glasses. If you are limited on space you could choose to only store a couple for decor. Some other items that could be included in a wine bar area are cork storage, wine opener, wine stopper, wine aerator, and/ or signs.

Cocktail Bar

Just like the other bar areas the first thing you’ll need is a piece furniture or counter to use for your bar. The options with a cocktail bar can vary depending on your personal preference and the size of bar you have available. The first step would be to find storage for the liquor. You could choose to display some of it or none of it depending on where the cocktail bar is located.

After that add in some other decor, as well as, practical items for the cocktail bar setup. Utilizing shelves can be a great option for above a bar area to have additional storage. Some items to consider including in the cocktail bar area are glasses, mixers, shaker, spoon, fresh herbs, cocktail napkins, straws, and/or a cocktail book.

Below I have included some of my favorite bar area finds for a coffee, wine, or a cocktail bar.

Wine and Cocktail Bar

Coffee Bar at Home

I hope this helped give you some ideas on how to create a bar area at home. To stay up to date on DIY house projects and more home decor tips follow along on Instagram and/or at Pinterest.

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