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How to Decorate Bedroom with Modern Neutral Color Scheme

Recently, we have been updating our primary bedroom. When we first moved in we painted the room a light blue color. At the time we liked it, but quickly got tired of it, so we decided to update our room with white walls and more neutral colored decor. Whether you are moving or deciding to update a bedroom it can feel overwhelming. There are a lot of different decisions to make and making sure everything will go together can feel overwhelming. Let’s break down how to decorate bedroom with a modern neutral color scheme and I’ll share some of my personal favorites.

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How to Decorate Bedroom Walls

The first step to decorating any room is deciding on the wall color. Painting a room is always the easiest when the room is already empty. Personally, I recommend sticking to neutral paint colors, so you don’t end up in the same position as me repainting the room a year later. If color is more your style though by all means pick what you will love. After deciding on a paint color decide if you want the whole room painted the same color or if there will be an accent wall. Accenting walls with wall paper and different detailing can be a fun way to spruce up a room. Some of my favorite colors for a room are white, grey, or beige. I like to pick light shades of neutral colors for the walls. This helps the room feel bigger, bright, and airy. I then add more color with decor later.

Some of my favorite paint colors are Behr cascade beige, varnished ivory, polar bear, and platinum.

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How to Decorate Bedroom with Furniture

The furniture in the room depends a lot on the size of the room and who the room is for. When thinking about how to decorate bedroom with furniture start with the basics first. Sticking to the basics, the primary furniture items I’d look for are a bed frame, dresser, nightstands, and possibly an accent chair or bench. If you are going for a more modern look I’d suggest staying away from all matching sets and instead picking complimentary pieces that go together. This could mean doing a black metal bed frame with natural wood nightstands and a black dresser for example.

Modern Bedroom Decor

Once the main elements of the room have been established then it’s time to add some decor. The decor elements are what can make a room start to feel warm and cozy. Some of my favorite decor items for a modern bedroom to start with are an area rug under the bed, decorative pillows, throw blanket, and curtains. These items help to make the room feel cozy and comforting. Then consider adding some more decor items for style and functionality. These items might include decorative books, lamps, vases, mirrors, plants, and wall decor.

Area Rugs

Area rugs help to add that “home” feel to a room. The color of the rug can really play a big role in the room overall. To help make a neutral room feel warm I like warmer toned colors for rugs. Colors such as beige, tan, brown, navy, and olive green can be great colors to look for in a patterned area rug.

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Decorate Bedroom with Wall Decor

Wall decor in a bedroom can have a lot of options. If you are going for a farmhouse look wall decor with a saying could be the perfect addition. Your family, travel, or wedding photos could also be a great option to display in a bedroom. Abstract wall art pictures are also great options. Another favorite that I think looks great and is functional is a mirror. A mirror above the dresser or a floor length mirror could be a great practical decor piece for your bedroom.

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Modern Bedroom Decor

There are a lot of decor options for a bedroom. First I’d start with the bedding. Pick out a duvet cover, comforter, or quilt that you like and then work from there to add decorative pillows and throw blankets. Once you’ve decided on the bedding then you can expand out with the decor. Especially if you are working on a budget this is a great starting point and then you can gradually add more over time. Some other great decor pieces to add to nightstands and/or dressers are plants, decorative books, lamps, vases, or photos.

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I hope this gave you some helpful tips and ideas on how to decorate bedroom with a modern neutral color scheme. To stay up to date on our latest home renovation projects and get more home decor ideas follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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