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Ideas for How to Decorate Dining Table with Chairs

Decorating a dining room can be challenging with finding the right pieces especially if it is a smaller room. After adding a dining room table and chairs you might feel stuck with where to go from there with decorating the room. The good news is that decorating a dining room can actually be quite simple. Depending on the size of the room you definitely don’t want to overdue it. I love starting with decorating the dining table. This is a great way to add some decor without anything feel crammed. Here are some ideas for how to decorate dining table.

Start with a tablecloth or table runner

The first step to decorating a dining table is deciding whether or not you want to include a tablecloth or table runner. Adding a modern tablecloth can be a great way to spruce up an old dining table without having to buy a new one. Tablecloths can also be the perfect fit for an elegant and formal dining room look. If you want to go with a simple table setting that is an easy everyday option consider going with a table runner. I love the look of a beautiful table runner across a wood table. You are still able to showcase the gorgeous wood dining table while adding some decor.

When it comes to picking a color for the tablecloth or table runner. First, consider if you want to have one that will work year round or if you want to change it out. Personally, I love having a simple white and grey table runner that works with any decor year round. I can easily change up the decor on the table runner to go with the season without having to store different table runners. If you want to stick with one that will work year round consider a neutral color such as white, grey, or beige.

Add the core decor pieces to the dining table

Next, is going to be adding your core decor pieces to your dining room table. These are going to be the main centerpiece items you’ll use to decorate the table. Some items that work great for decorating dining tables are candles, vases, or flowers. There are so many options for candles. Adding some beautiful candlesticks, candle votives, or candle holder for pillar candles are great options. Candles also offer a great way to add some color to the decor too. Adding vases with flowers or greenery is another option that can bring in color and look beautiful. If you find the right vase, vases could also be left empty and used to add decor to the table or even filled with some potpourri.

Finishing the dining table decor

Now that you have the main decor pieces for decorating the dining table it’s time to finish decorating. Some final decor touches you could add are a greenery garland along the center of the table. This is a great way to add in some greenery and a natural feel while still keeping the decor simple for an everyday look. You can also add some small decor touches such as small pumpkins or pinecones depending on the season. Lastly, you can choose whether or not you want to have the table set to add to the decor. If you do consider adding some plates, glasses, and a decorative napkin to finish off the tablesetting.

I hope this helped walk you through how to decorate a dining table and gave some helpful ideas along the way. Check out this blog post on dining room decor ideas using modern decor for some more dining room inspiration. As always to stay update on house projects and for quick home decor tips be sure to follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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