How to Decorate Your Home when Renting

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Whether you’re renting a house, apartment, or condo decorating with some home decor can be challenging. You might have some restrictions on whether or not you can hang items on the wall, paint, etc. Regardless, of the restrictions you likely still want to make the space feel like your own and feel like home. I’ve included 9 tips on how to decorate your home when renting and broke down some ideas room by room. Remember to always check with your landlord or property manager before making any changes every place is different, so be sure to get approval before making any changes.

Tips for Decor when You’re Renting:

  1. Consider using hooks with a sticky adhesive to secure things to the walls rather then needing nails or screws (use caution some can remove paint from walls)
  2. Utilize furniture that has a surface on the top to add home decor such as dressers, tv consoles, end tables, nightstands, and more.
  3. Tall plants whether real or artificial that can go on the ground make great decor for a rental
  4. Lamps and lamp shades can be a great way to add your style to your space
  5. Throw pillows and throw blankets can be used to add some color to your space
  6. A colorful shower curtain or shower curtain that matches your style is another great option
  7. Consider adding picture frames to an open counter or furniture spaces to add your own photos for a personalized touch
  8. Area rugs are a fun way to update your space too
  9. Accessorize with a tall floor mirror

Home Decor Ideas for Those who Rent:

Living Room:

Decorating your living room when you are renting might seem challenging especially if you are not able to paint or hang wall decor. The good news is there’s a lot of other ways you can add color and your own style to really make the space feel like home. Decide on the style and color scheme your are going for first then start consider ways to spruce up your living room. You could start with the furniture. Having a couch that matches your style is a great place to start. It’s typically the largest item in a living room, so it’ll be a main focal point. Find something you love and if you have neutral walls and want to add some color consider going with a bold color choice to really make a statement. If a bold colored couch isn’t your style you could stick to a more neutral couch and add a fun accent chair to add a little pop to the living room space.

Aside from the furniture there’s some other accent decor items you could consider adding to your living room. Adding an accent rug is a great option to tie everything together and could be another way to add a little color if you decide to keep things neutral with the furniture. Throw pillows and throw blankets add a cozy and homey feel to any space and make a great option for decorating a rental space. Utilize floor decor to add some more variety. Tall floor plants, large floor mirrors, and floor lamps could be great ways to decorate the space. These options also allow you to decorate “up” without having to put anything on the wall. They could easily make the walls not seem bare since these floor decor items are tall. Another great option for the living room is decorating open counter spaces such as coffee tables, end tables, or tv consoles. Adding some abstract decor pieces, coffee table books, coasters, standing picture frames, etc. is a great way to decorate too.

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I like to keep things relatively simple when it comes to kitchen decor. You can check out this blog post on Kitchen Decor and Organization here. Ideally I like to have mostly open counter space in the kitchen to allow for preparing meals and cooking. Some simple yet practical ways you could add a little decor to your kitchen is with some cutting boards, a knife block, recipe book and stand, and/ or kitchen appliances. Some kitchen appliances come in so many fun colors now that this could be a fun way to add a pop of color to your space. If you prefer to keep things neutral like me items like a mixer, toaster, microwave, etc. can still add to your kitchen space even if they are white, black, or stainless.

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When it comes to your bedroom the bed and comforter/duvet are likely going to be the main focal point. Start with finding a duvet/comforter that you love. Next, add some decorative throw pillows and blanket to your bed to really give your bedroom a cozy vibe. Consider adding a dresser and nightstands if you have space. This will give you some surface space to be able to decorate the tops of them a little. You could consider adding some small plants, standing picture frames, or decorative pieces to add some decor to your room. Floor plants or a floor mirror could also be an option to consider for the bedroom just like the living room.

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The bathroom can vary from place to place depending on how it is set up. If you have a shower curtain rod rather then a glass door finding a shower curtain that matches your style and color scheme is a great place to begin. The shower curtain can be a great opportunity to add some color to the bathroom. Another way to spruce up your bathroom decor is by adding some small throw rugs. These can be both useful and decorative. Lastly, consider getting towels and a hand soap dispenser that matches your style and color scheme. These are practical items that can really tie the whole style of the bathroom together.

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Disclaimer: This website is only intended to offer ideas on decor. Every rental may not allow some of the ideas provided. You should always check with your landlord/property manager and receive approval prior to making any changes.

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