I find the fridge to be one of the most challenging places to organize in the house. I’m pretty sure our fridge quickly can become one of the least organized places. Things are constantly going in and out each week and unless everything has a place it probably feels like a lost cause. We recently stepped it up a little with our fridge organization and it looks so much better. We have a place for everything and it’s pretty reasonable to be able to keep up with the organization moving forward. I’m going to walk you through how I made our fridge more organized and give you some tips on how to get your fridge organized too.

First things first, get rid of anything expired

Like all organization projects the first step is to take everything out of the fridge. Go through all the food you have and toss anything that’s expired. If there’s anything you won’t use or don’t want set those items off to the side to donate. Next, you’ll want to wipe down the inside of your fridge. This is a great time to take advantage of having all the food out of your fridge and a great opportunity to be able to clean the inside of the fridge. Once everything is cleaned and wiped down you’ll want to categorize.

Categorize your fridge

Categorize your fridge by planning out the staples you always have in your fridge and where you want everything to go. If you are a visual person like me you might find it helpful to draw this out. I’d keep it simple by just creating boxes for each shelf or drawer in your fridge and then write what you want to go in that area. Think about beverages, deli meat, cheeses, eggs, vegetables, fruit, leafy greens, meats, seafood, dressings, dips, etc. Everyone is a little different with what they typically have in their fridge, so consider what categories apply to you and your household.

Organizing the fridge

Now that you’ve written out or pictured the categories of your fridge. Decide how you want to organize each area. If you’ve been around for a little bit you know I love a good clear bin! Personally I find clear bins to work the best for fridge and pantry spaces. When they all match it looks extremely neat, clean, and organized. Plus, you’re able to see what is actually in them, which I think is necessary for food. Think about if you ever just open the fridge or pantry to look for something to eat. Having clear bins will help you to still be able to see those options.

I used clear bins and drawers to organize our fridge and couldn’t be happier with the results. I love that the drawers allow for easy access to everything and they are functional for so many different items. Plus the drawers we have have the option for a divider in the middle, so they’re able to store two separate items. We have our drawers filled with fruits and vegetables, but there are many other options. You could put yogurts, fruit cups, cheese sticks, etc in the drawers as well. We then used bigger bins to store meat and seafood for the week.

Once you decide how you want to organize your fridge it’s time to purchase the bins, drawers, or containers you’ll need to organize it. If you need to go to the store or order items online definitely be sure to put everything back in the fridge, so it doesn’t go bad while you get what you need. I’d also highly recommend labels to help create a system that everyone in the household can easily see. Labels help make it look organized and will help the organization last. Once you have the organizers you need fill your fridge back up and you now have a beautifully organized fridge!

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I’d love to see you’re organized fridge space! If you find these tips helpful tag me on Instagram, so I can see your organized fridge. Check out this post on kitchen décor and organization and/or pantry organization if you want to move on to the next space to organize. You’ll have a completely organized kitchen before you know it!

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