Doing any kind of update or renovation to your home can be overwhelming. It might feel even more overwhelming if you are choosing to do it yourself. Depending on what you are renovating home renovations can have you moving into different parts of your house, unable to use the kitchen, not having access to half the house, etc. The change involved in a home renovation can feel quite stressful. Let’s go through some tips on how to survive a home renovation.

The key to dealing with a home renovation is to be prepared. Prepare for the inconvenience, dust, noise, and all that goes into renovating. Also, remember that it is only temporary. In the end you’ll look back and think it was definitely worth it.

Preparing the House

The first step to any home renovation once you have a plan is to prepare your house. This could include moving furniture, taking down decor, emptying cabinets, etc. If the renovation is going to get dusty I’d also cover everything with drop cloths where possible to try to keep dust out as much as possible. You may also want to take down any blinds or curtains that will get covered in dust. These can be challenging to clean. To plan ahead you can also prepare to clean up the house once the renovation is over. Having dusting cloths, new air filters, mops, and cleaning products already available can help keep the house clean once the demo or dusty portion of the renovation is over.

Prepare your Clothes and Essentials

If you renovation is causing you to move furniture or not have access to parts of the house I’d highly recommend preparing to have access to your clothes and essentials. Think of it like you are traveling and pack a suitcase or bag if you are able to. You can pack up the clothes and items you’ll need during the renovation and easily be able to move the bag with you from room to room.

Meal Prep

A lot of renovations can lead to appliances being unplugged or not having access to the kitchen. If this is the case try to plan ahead for what you will eat and consider what you will have access to. Even if you don’t have access to a full kitchen and stove maybe you can access the fridge, microwave or toaster. Consider what you’ll have available and plan some food items ahead. If there’s access to a microwave making some meals that can be frozen and reheated could be a great option. Simple meals are also great for during home renovations. Think of items likes soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, casseroles, etc.

Prepare to Relax

This last tip might not be what you expected – prepare to relax. Now I know home renovations can be stressful and overwhelming, so the idea of preparing to relax might sound crazy. Especially if you are doing the renovation yourself it’s a lot of hard work too. One thing to help with getting through a renovation though is taking some time to unwind.

If you relax by reading a book have a book set aside that you can spend some time reading each evening. If you like to unwind with TV see if you can prepare to have access to a TV or a way to watch a streaming service. Whatever it is that you like to do to relax have that set aside, so you can have some time to unwind and make the whole process a little less overwhelming. Getting outside in the sunlight is another great way to ease the mind and is a great option to allow you to get away from the renovation for a little while too.

I hope some of these tips helped give you some ideas on how to survive a home renovation. Remember in the end it’ll all be worth it because I’m sure you’re renovation will be beautiful. To stay up to date on my house projects, decor, and much more follow me over on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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