Beautiful Modern Ideas for Patio Decor

Recently we updated our outdoor space by creating a gravel patio DIY. We’ve been waiting to have a nice outdoor space that we could enjoy since we moved in. Creating the gravel patio and stenciling the cement portion of our patio was the perfect start. After we had the patio created it was time to add the furniture and decor. Here’s a look at some beautiful modern ideas for patio decor.

When it comes to decorating a patio space with a modern style the first place I’d start with is the patio itself. Whether you already have a patio or are building a new patio space consider the material the patio itself is made out of and work around that for your decor. A wood deck could be a great opportunity to incorporate a modern farmhouse decor style. Using color schemes such as natural tones, tans, browns, and wood accents could pair perfectly with a wood deck. If you are working with a cement patio incorporating black and grey tones could pair beautifully. I love neutral colors in general for home decor, but think they work perfectly to create a beautiful modern patio decor. If all neutrals isn’t quite your thing sticking with neutrals and adding one color to accent throughout could be a beautiful option.

Beautiful Modern Patio Furniture

Let’s talk about patio furniture. When we were first planning the patio space we thought we would include a nice sitting area and a dining set. As we got closer to creating our patio space we decided to downside the original patio plans. I thought I was set on a couch, two chairs, and a coffee table. Then I came across a sectional patio dining set and realized it was perfect for us even if it wasn’t what I was originally picturing. My favorite part of the patio set is that the table is a dining table height rather then coffee table height. It makes it perfect whether we are relaxing, eating outside, or just hanging out with friends. The dining height is also an added bonus with dogs because you don’t have to worry about them knocking over drinks while running around outside or from happy wagging tails.

We chose a patio set that was dark brown with grey cushions. I love the neutral colors! The grey cushions compliment the salt and pepper gravel we used to create the patio perfectly. Aside from the sectional dining set we also included a fire pit set. For the fire pit area we kept the seating pretty simple by including 6 plastic Adirondack chairs. The plastic chairs in the fire pit area are perfect because they can easily be rinsed off it they get dirt on them. For the fire pit we choose to get a fire pit that had a wood and cement look to stick with our modern patio decor.

Ideas for Patio Decor

One of my favorite patio decor items that was a must was string lights. They create a great atmosphere for the patio space and really brighten up the space at night. Some other great options for decorating an outdoor patio space are sun shades, plants, umbrellas, and outdoor games. Some of our favorite outdoor games to set up on our patio is corn hole, washers, and a wood block tower. For some more fun outdoor games check out this post on entertaining outdoor games.

Shop Beautiful Modern Patio Decor

I hope you found these beautiful modern ideas for patio decor helpful. Check out some of the posts below on ideas for creating a patio space if you are needing to update your outdoor space too. We are already loving all our patio decor. It’s the perfect setting to relax and spend time with family and friends. To stay up to date on more house projects, home decor, and hosting ideas be sure to follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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