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Items for an At-Home Workout

Doing at home workouts has become much more common with the closure of gyms, social distancing, etc. It may have seemed difficult before to find the motivation to workout before and you might feel even more lost now when throwing at home workouts into the mix. The good news is it doesn’t have to be too complicated. Remember that getting up and simply moving is much better than doing nothing at all. There are several different workout options when it comes to working out from home there are: fitness apps, workout videos, strength training, yoga, cardio, barre and much more. Something as simple as getting outdoors and walking has great health benefits for both your physical and mental health. I encourage you to be adventurous with trying different workout options.

10 Household Items for an At-Home Workout

  • Chair – The back of the chair can be used as a barre to complete barre workouts at home.
  • Laundry detergent – A jug of laundry detergent can serve as a kettlebell for numerous at home workout opportunities.
  • Water bottles – Full water bottles can be used as light dumbbells. The water bottles can also be filled with different contents to increase or decrease the weight of the water bottles. Try filling the water bottles with tiny rocks or with sand to increase the weight.
  • Wine bottles – We all know you probably have some wine bottles at home haha. These can be utilized as dumbbells just like the water bottles. Of course you need to be careful with them being glass, but they can still be used as dumbbells.
  • Towels – A beach towel or any bath towel can serve as a yoga mat. Small hand towels or wash clothes can also be used as gliders.
  • Bench – A bench can be used for tricep dips, bulgarian split squats, core workouts, and more.
  • Books – A stack of books can serve as a step platform. Individually books could also be used as weights.
  • Rope – If you have a long rope sitting in the garage this could probably be utilized as a jump rope.
  • Cans – Any can goods can be utilized as small dumbbell weights. These could be great to use for a barre workout as light dumbbells.
  • Backpack – Having a backpack at home can be a great way to add weight to come “bodyweight” exercises. The backpack can be filled with anything from water bottles to books to be able to add weight to your at home workouts.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with using what you have around the house to use different items during your at home workouts. At home workouts might seem intimidating, but you can definitely get a great workout in at home just like you would in the gym. Hopefully this list of household items to use for an at home workout will help you get some ideas of items you could use during your workouts.

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