The Best Tools for Keeping a House Clean with Dogs

Let’s face it having dogs is amazing, but keeping the house clean with pets can be a challenge. There’s a lot of dirt that is brought in from playing outside, hair shedding, and water splashed on the floor from water bowls. Having two dogs that shed I totally understand the challenge of trying to keep the house clean. I used to spend at least 30 minutes a day trying to vacuum the floors, clean up water, and wipe paws after it rained to help keep the house somewhat at bay. I have finally found some amazing tools for keeping a house clean with dogs that saves me time and energy.

Daily House Cleaning with Dogs

One of the biggest obstacles to keeping a house clean with dogs is the floors. I have found 3 items that have been the ultimate game changers in our cleaning routine. The first one is the one that saves me the most time for our everyday maintenance. That’s our robot vacuum. I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner honestly. I no longer have to take the time to vacuum everyday. It is great to simply push a button to start the robot vacuum and it does all the work for me. How great is it to be able to get the house vacuumed while cooking dinner, working out, or relaxing watching TV. It takes care of picking up the dirt and dog hair each day.

Heavy Duty House Cleaning

The next two items I love for keeping our floors cleaned are what I use for our weekly cleaning. The first is our cordless vacuum. I love that it is cordless and I think this particular vacuum is perfect for dogs. It works beautifully to actually suck up all the dog hair and dirt that can get trapped. The other item I love is our vacuum and mop combo. It vacuums and mops the floor at the same time. This is great because it actually sucks up the dirty water as it goes and dispenses out clean water from two separate parts of the vacuum. This means no more spreading around dirt by trying to mop the floors. It also works on hard surface floors and carpet.

I personally find that with how much our dogs shed I like to use the cordless vacuum and then the vacuum/mop combo to really get everything. If you only have one dog or your dog doesn’t shed much you could probably just use the vacuum/mop to clean the floors.

Shop Floor Cleaning for Dogs

I hope these tools for keeping a house clean with dogs helps you. It certainly can feel like an ongoing battle to keep the house clean with shedding pets, but they’re so worth it. These tools have really helped us manage the dog hair and dirt in our house and I hope they’ll help you too. For more house organization and cleaning tips be sure to follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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