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Great Ideas for Kitchen Decor and Organization

The kitchen is such a big focal point to any home. People tend to gather in the kitchen often when guests are over and you spend a decent amount of time in it everyday whether it is prepping breakfast and lunch or making dinner. The kitchen decor and organization is important, so you can truly enjoy the space. Kitchens don’t necessary have as much decor as say a living room, but there are still decor elements that truly impact the whole space. I love to try to utilize having functional decor in a kitchen meaning it not only serves as decor, but also as a useful purpose. Playing around with color and style with kitchen decor is also a great way to show your style and personality within a home.

How to Decorate Kitchen Counters

Kitchen decor might not be something you’ve thought much about. I’m all about having functional decor especially when it comes to the kitchen. As an enneagram one I like my space to be clean and organized especially the kitchen counters. After all there needs to be space on the counters to prepare food, so keeping the decor simple is key. Some of my favorite options for decorating a kitchen space include:

  • A recipe book stand
  • Stack of recipe books
  • Cutting boards
  • Canisters for dry goods (coffee, flour, sugar, tea)
  • Fruit bowl for lemons and limes
  • Knife block
  • Spoon rest
  • Even a plant to add some greenery
  • Kitchen appliances (mixer or air fryer)

When it comes to kitchen decor don’t forget about the possibilities of wall decor too. Functional floating shelves can be a great way to store and display glassware, plates, bowls, and serving platters. Wall art can also look beautiful in a kitchen space as well to add some color and tie in the style of the rest of the home. Painting can also totally transform the kitchen decor whether you’ve just moved in or are looking to update the home you’ve lived in for years. Painting the walls in the kitchen can be a great way to add a little change to your kitchen space without having to pay thousands for a complete renovation. Having a small area rug or runner in the kitchen is another great way to add both decor and color to a kitchen.

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How to Organize a Kitchen

Cabinets and Drawers

I love a nice organized space and kitchen cabinets and drawers can easily get cluttered with all the things. Whenever we have moved it always seems like the number of kitchen boxes is just never ending. Between plates, bowls, glassware, pots, pans, silverware, etc. there’s a lot that can be stored in a kitchen. I love having stackable baking pans to store in a cabinet to make it easy to find and store. Also, utilizing organizers for cabinets and drawers can really help create an organized kitchen space.

5 Tips to Organize Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers:

  1. Look at everything in your cabinets/drawers and see if there’s excess of anything you can get rid of. If you have the space to set everything out on a table to truly see everything you have that’s even better
  2. Add drawer and cabinet organizers
  3. Utilize clear bins in the fridge and pantry, so you are able to see what you have
  4. Have similar pantry storage containers and spice jars to have a clean and cohesive look
  5. Add hooks to the inside of some pantry doors for storage of items like dishtowels, oven mitts, and paper towels

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Having an organized pantry is not only appealing to the eye, but also so much easier to find things. Let’s face it pantries can be great, but can also easily get cluttered by throwing stuff onto the shelves and then things get lost behind each other. I love having nice clear containers and baskets placed inside a pantry to easily be able to see what you actually have and also keep the space organized. Taking it up a level to be even more organized I love to add some labels onto the containers. This makes it super easy to remember what’s in each container and also have a place for all your staple household pantry goods.

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How to Add Kitchen Decor Accents

Bar Area

Having a bar area in the kitchen, dining room, or even living room is a great option for entertaining. It can store not only glassware and alcohol, but also be a great focal point to add decor to a room. Bar carts are also a great option for smaller spaces or apartments. A bar area can be set up on top of cabinets with floating shelves above or a portable bar cart. I love sprucing this area up for the holidays by adding some fun glassware, garland, napkins, straws, and some other festive decor for the season. It can also be decorated with an ice bucket, glasses, and beverage dispensers with drinks you are serving when guests come over.

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Coffee Bar

For the coffee lovers, there’s nothing better than waking up to having a beautiful coffee bar area to brew up your favorite hot or iced coffee beverage to start the day. Having an area to store your coffee maker, French press, coffee, flavored syrup, mugs, glasses, straws, sugar and more is super convenient and looks great in a kitchen space. It’s a great way to decorate the kitchen while also keeping the space functional.

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