Mindset towards a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest factors towards living a healthy lifestyle and accomplishing your goals is to have a healthy mindset. It is important to recognize the importance of a good mindset. Your brain essentially sends cues to the rest of your body telling it what to do all day right? Lets think of your brain or mindset as the control center for your body for a moment. If that’s the control center it is essentially the foundation to everything built around it. You have to work on the foundation or center before you can expand something. Let’s dive a little deeper into mindset towards a healthy lifestyle, so we can see the whole picture.

Let’s think of our body as a smartphone for a second. I’d imagine it’s safe to say that the majority of people have a smartphone in today’s society, so lets imagine this picture. The smartphone is great because you can download apps, search the internet, make phone calls, send text messages, etc. from essentially anywhere. That’s super convenient and a great resource right? I’m sure many of us utilize our phones daily and really rely on some of it’s resources. Now let’s imagine trying to do all of those things without having a battery in your phone. You just aren’t able to right? It is not possible to use those apps, make phone calls, or send text messages without even having the ability to turn the phone on.

Our bodies operate in a similar fashion. We try to utilize the “apps” of our body without the foundation. Think of being able to run a mile, have energy all day, or dead lift 200lbs. as the “apps” of our body. It sounds crazy to expect a phone to work without a charged battery yet we expect our bodies to operate “without” a charged battery daily. This is where having a strong mindset comes into play. Our mindset plays a huge role in our wellness, motivation, and overall fitness.

There seems to be a common mindset towards living a healthy lifestyle and it’s not always positive. A lot of this might root from experiences with dieting. You can check out more about that in my post about dieting vs. a healthy lifestyle. There seems to be a perception that working out is miserable, healthy food is gross and expensive, and balancing everything is just impossible. Sound familiar?

The crazy thing is these things actually don’t have to be true, but if we keep sticking with that mindset we’ll continue believing it. Believe it or not exercise can actually be fun (fun fitness ideas), eating nutritious foods can be done on a budget, and finding balance is possible. I’m sure all of this sounds great, but how do you actually start changing your mindset?


Practicing gratitude can have lasting effects on your overall wellness. It will help you to see the positives in even the worst of days. Having the ability to shift this mindset from focusing on the bad to focusing on the good can be so powerful.

Having goals

It is a great idea to set realistic healthy goals for yourself. This is a good way to be able to stay focused, hold yourself accountable, and have the ability to work towards something. I encourage to check out this post about setting healthy goals before establishing your goals too.

Changing the “have to’s” into “get to’s”

A lot of times we may find ourselves having the mindset that we are forced to do something. This makes us thing of that in a negative way. For example, have you ever said “I have to go to work”. It was probably one of those days that you were tired and didn’t want to go right? What if instead of saying “I have to go to work” you said “I get to go to work”? Think about how your body is able to get you moving to go to work.

Another example might be saying “I have to go to the gym”. While saying that you’re probably already dreading going to the gym, working out, and just not looking forward to it at all. What if instead you said “I get to go to the gym”? What if you celebrated the fact that your body is strong and able to support your movements to allow you to go to the gym. That change in mindset can instantly change the thought of the gym from a punishment into a celebration.

Self Care

Self care is another great way to start working towards a healthy mindset. Having the ability to focus on yourself is a great gift. It is important to remember that we can fill other people’s cup without filling our own. You have to spend the time and energy on yourself in order to have the ability to continue giving it to others whether it be family, your kids, or friends.

Having a healthy mindset can benefit so many aspects of your life. I encourage you to give some of these options a try and see if they make some changes in your daily life.

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