Any closet in a home can quickly become cluttered. Let’s face it we can easily shove things onto the shelves and shut the door so we aren’t looking at it. Out of sight out of mind! Unfortunately, it’ll be completely in sight though when you go to look for something and can’t find what you’re looking for. I think the thought of organizing a space can seem overwhelming, but with some brainstorming and planning it can actually be somewhat of a smooth process. We recently updated and organized our linen closet and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Here’s a look into how to organize a small linen closet.

Organization Process

First I’m going to break down the process and steps I like to use to organize a space then we’ll go more in depth with each one. To organize I like to clear out, go through, categorize, plan, and organize the space. These steps help you to go through everything, get rid of/donate what you don’t want, categorize everything and then plan any organizers/bins you may need.

Steps to Organize Your Linen Closet

Step 1 – Clear Out

The first step to organizing any project is to clear out the space. For a linen closet you’ll want to take everything out of the closet first. I set up a folding table in the living room and put everything from the linen closet onto the table. I think it is best to take everything out all at once rather then shelf by shelf. This allows you to see everything together and really create a good plan for how to organize the space with everything you have.

Step 2 – Go Through

Now that everything is out of the linen closet the next step is to go through everything. Throw out anything that you need to get rid of and create a separate pile for anything that can be donated. I recommend that you actually pick up and go through each individual item, especially if you have items already in baskets. You might be surprised what is in there. Plus the more you go through stuff and get rid of/donate the easier it’s going to be to organize since there are less items. As you start going through each item try to somewhat put similar items near each other. This will help with the steps to follow.

Step 3 – Categorize

Now that you’ve cleared out and gone through everything you’ll want to categorize all the items by putting similar items together. This will help to plan how much space you need for each type of items. For example some categories for a linen closet might be: towels, sheets, extra shampoo/body wash, travel essentials, toilet paper, etc. Try to put each category into a different pile, so you can see how much there is of each category.

Step 4 – Plan

Since everything is already categorized there’s not too much planning that has to go into organizing your linen closet. For the planning you’ll first want to decide if you’re going to use baskets/bins for some of or all the items. I recommend a solid color as opposed to clear and possibly bins with lids. This helps everything look nice, clean, and cohesive once it’s all together in the linen closet. Decide how many baskets you’re going to need based off your categories and the size you’ll need. If you go with bins that have lids you’ll be able to stack them on top of each other for added storage plus be able to utilize different sizes of bins. Write this down if you plan to go to the store or you can browse options online while deciding what you’ll need.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match with 2-3 different types too as long as they will go together. For example I used bins for all the shelves, but have 2 large open baskets on the floor to store our air mattress and some spare pillows.

Now that you know how many bins/baskets you’re planning to get write out a list of each category and what will be in the basket. Then, I like to draw out the number of shelves I have and plan what will go on each shelf. This helped me to pick the baskets/bins I was going to purchase and know exactly where everything was going. Once you’ve planned on where everything will go and the number/size of baskets/bins it’s time to organize!

Step 5 – Organize Small Linen Closet

The last step to organize a small linen closet is to – organize! Now you’ve gone through everything, planned it out, so now it’s time to put everything back. I recommend organizing the items in each bin/basket as much as possible especially if they are smaller items. Below I’ll list the small organizers I used in my bins to organize smaller items, which worked perfectly. This allowed me to organize hair ties, travel size bottles, etc. without them rolling all around a basket. Once you have placed all your items into the bins/baskets you are ready to place them all back onto the shelves where you planned them to go. Now you have a beautifully organized linen closet.

EXTRA STEP: One additional step you can take if you’d like is to label each basket/bin. I highly recommend doing this if you purchased bins with lids, so you remember what is in each bin.

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I hope this helped give you some inspiration to organize a small linen closet and some helpful tips to make it feel a little less overwhelming. If you are looking to organize another space in your home after the linen closet check out this post on how to organize your pantry!

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