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Our Beautiful Modern Farmhouse’s Neutral Color Scheme

Coming up with a color scheme for your house can be challenging. There’s so many options, so it can quickly become overwhelming! The color scheme also affects so many thing in the house especially if you are just moving in. The color scheme comes into play with picking out paint color, furniture, decor, and possibly any renovations that are being done such as flooring or cabinets. The colors we chose for our modern farmhouse’s neutral color scheme were grey, cream/tan, dusty blue, black and white.

Our Modern Farmhouse’s Neutral Color Scheme Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors can feel overwhelming. You can always re-paint walls, but it tends to be harder once furniture is in the house and I know it’s not really a top project too many people love to do. I like to keep the walls pretty neutral. I think this helps to be able to stick with the paint color over time even if you decide to change up your decor. We chose to paint the majority of the inside of our house a cool light grey with blue undertones. The color we used is Behr paint in the color Platinum. Our baseboards and door are the standard white color in Behr Ultra Pure White.

The few places we decided to branch out from the grey color were in the bathrooms and our bedroom. The bathrooms are both a light cream/ivory color. One bathroom is Behr cascade beige and the other is Behr varnished ivory. For our bedroom we decided to go with a light blue color by picking Behr waterfall. Aside from the walls we also added an accent color in a few spots including our pantry door and bathroom vanity. We went with a beautiful dusty blue color, which is Behr Dolphin blue.

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Color Scheme for Furniture

For our furniture we really stuck to neutrals again. I love a neutral color scheme and how it can make a home feel bright. The majority of our furniture ranges from being wood, black, or white. We kept our dining room table pretty timeless by going with a nice wood table with black metal dining chairs. Our couch is a beautiful light cream/tan color. I love the color of our couch. I was hesitant to get a light colored couch with two dogs at first, but so far we’ve had no issues and love it.

Our Modern Farmhouse’s Neutral Color Scheme for Decor

Decor is where I like to add in some color to our neutral color scheme and even include some seasonal accents. Some areas that I have added color into our home with the decor is with throw pillows and throw blankets in both the living room and our bedroom. Other areas that are great for adding in some colored decor accents are wall decor, dining table decor, shelf decor, candles, faux flowers, and much more.

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