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After buying our first home, updating our main bathroom was important to us and at the top of the renovation priority list. Since we were still in the first year of buying our home and had a long list of renovations we wanted to do it was important to keep the project budget friendly. We knew we wanted to do it ourselves and needed to find a creative way to update the space. We wanted to use what was already there as the canvas and enhance it from there. After letting our creative juices flow we decided to tackle painting the bathroom wall tile. Some people have mixed options on the idea of painted bathroom wall tile, but we are extremely happy with the results and love how the bathroom turned out! Let’s dive into how to paint wall tile in bathroom by going step by step along with what we used.

The Before of the Bathroom

The main bathroom was pretty dated when we moved in. Primarily with the colored square wall tiles. I’ll be honest when we first started thinking about how to update the wall tile we weren’t sure what to do. It seemed like the only option might be to take it all down, replace drywall, and add new tile. That was more than we were wanting to do at the time though. After brainstorming some ideas I decided to paint the wall tile in the bathroom white for a clean modern look.

Where to Start to Paint Wall Tile in Bathroom

It is important to note that you can’t paint wall tile in a bathroom with just any paint. Having the right materials is crucial to creating a beautiful product. Also, the preparation to the tile before actually painting it is by far probably the most important step. We used Tough as Tile resurfacing spray kit in white to paint our bathroom wall tile. We ended up needing a total of 3 boxes or 6 cans (2 cans came in each box). To prepare and gather the supplies needed we followed the directions on the box exactly.

Steps to Prepare the Wall Tile

To prepare the tile we followed the detailed steps in the resurfacing kit box. It took several hours and a lot of repetitive sanding and cleaning, but it is definitely critical to the final results. I don’t know if the paint would hold as well if the surface wasn’t prepped properly. Definitely give yourself an entire day to do this project. You don’t want to cut corners or feel rushed preparing the tile because it’s a very important step.

Steps to Paint Bathroom Wall Tile

Make sure you have taped everything down and covered all the surfaces that you don’t want painted. The paint definitely gets everywhere. We had a few small holes in our drop cloths and had paint on the floors, which we were luckily able to remove, but be extra careful. Also, before you begin it is strongly recommended that you wear a high quality mask, gloves, googles and protective gear as the paint fumes are very strong. We also opened the windows and turned on fans for extra ventilation. Another thing we did was block off the doorway to the bathroom, so it was sealed to avoid any of the paint getting into the hallway or outside the bathroom.

To paint the wall tile we followed the directions exactly with the timing to apply the coats and waiting between coats. It took us a total of 3 coats to completely cover the wall tile. The number of coats you’ll need will definitely depend on the color of your tile before that you are trying to cover up. For the 3 coats of paint we used a total of 3 boxes (2 cans in each box), so 6 cans total.

TIP: It is highly recommended that you have a mask and ideally one with a respirator for this project. The fumes are extremely strong. We also had windows opened and fans on to try to help ventilate the house during the painting process.

The Painted Bathroom Wall Tiles Finished

The painted bathroom wall tile turned out beautifully and gave us a nice white canvas to update the entire bathroom. We made some of adjustments to the bathroom to fully transform the room, but the biggest step was definitely painting the wall tile. The white tile look helped to make this bathroom look more modern and updated without having to spend thousands. We have had the tile painted for almost a year now and so far it is holding up great! The project seemed a little intimidating at first, but we are so glad we took the leap to do it and couldn’t be happier with the results!

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