Have you ever wondered if you could update your bathroom tile yourself? Let’s face it bathroom remodels can be time consuming and costly. What if there was an easier way to redo bathroom tile without having to totally renovate the whole bathroom. About a year ago we started questioning if that was possible. After some research we decided to refinish our bathroom wall tile using a refinishing kit. The refinishing kit allowed us to transform our whole bathroom for under $500. We went from dated tan and brown wall tile to modern bright white. Here’s what we did to redo our bathroom tile.

Preparing the Bathroom Tile

The first step to redoing the bathroom tile was preparing the surface. Prepare the surface by following the directions on the refinishing kit box. The tile has to be cleaned and sanded multiple times before applying the refinishing paint. Be sure to follow all the steps exactly as the directions say. Preparing the tile is what is going to help the refinishing paint actually stick to the bathroom tile. Once all the tile has been prepped the next step is using drop cloths to cover every surface in the bathroom. If you are using the spray refinishing kit it will get on other surfaces, so be sure to cover everything as best you can.

Redo Bathroom Tile

Now that everything is prepared it is time to actually apply the refinishing kit to the bathroom tile. Again, follow the directions on the refinishing kit for applying the paint to the tile. I highly recommend wearing a high quality mask and googles along with other protective wear. The fumes from the refinishing kit are extremely strong, so be sure to take the proper precautions before actually applying the refinishing kit to the tile. We ended up doing 3 coats of the refinishing kit and went through 3 boxes. Once all the coats of the refinishing kit paint have been applied allow it to dry for 48 hours.

Once the refinishing paint has dried, remove all the drop cloths, and now you have bathroom tile that was refinished without having to do a whole bathroom renovation! If you’re wanting to update your bathroom a little more then just the tile check out our full bathroom renovation. Along with the wall tile we also painted our bathroom vanity, changed the hardware, updated the light fixture, added a new mirror, new paint, and some new decor. The bathroom now looks completely different then it did before. The best part is the whole bathroom update was under $500. I always love a budget friendly renovation. To stay update on more DIY house projects and decor ideas be sure to follow along on Instagram and/or Pinterest.

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