Simple and Fun Valentine Date Ideas at Home

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I can’t believe it’s even 2022 let alone almost the middle of February already. Typically we like to avoid the crowds of going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day and enjoy a nice date night in. Sometimes I think date nights at home don’t get enough recognition. It can be fun to create some fun drinks or food at home together to enjoy date night in. Here are some simple and fun Valentine date ideas at home to enjoy for Valentine’s day this year.

Valentine Day Charcuterie Board Ideas

Meat and Cheese Charcuterie Board

One of our favorite foods for a date night at home is a charcuterie board. You could stick to a standard charcuterie board filled with meats and cheeses or change things up for Valentine’s Day. When sticking to the traditional meat and cheese charcuterie board some of our favorite things to include are: different meats, cheese, crackers, nuts, dried fruits, jams, olives, and fresh fruits. Check out this post on how to make a charcuterie board for more inspiration and tips on exactly how to make it.

Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Breakfast charcuterie boards can be so fun and pair perfectly with some mimosas or Bloody Mary’s for a Valentine’s Day Brunch at home. For a breakfast charcuterie board consider making some pancakes, waffles, sausage, and/or bacon then fill the charcuterie board with different toppings and fruit. Some toppings might be chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or bananas. You could also do a breakfast charcuterie board with bagels or toast and serve it with smoked salmon, capers, avocado, etc. for a more savory option.

Dessert Charcuterie Board

Another fun charcuterie board is to make a dessert charcuterie board to enjoy with some cocktails and maybe a movie night. The possibilities are really endless, but you could consider doing different fruits with a chocolate dip for a fun Valentine dessert charcuterie board. Another option would be to do all red, pink, and white for a dessert charcuterie board. Think about adding strawberries, red apples, raspberries, angel food cake, chocolate covered pretzels, and serve with a fondue.

Taco Night

If you love tacos consider doing a fun taco night in. Have fun and go all out if you want to. You could make margaritas at home, tacos, nachos, chips and salsa, or chips and guacamole. The options are really endless. Pick your favorite type of tacos or serve up a variety with chicken, fish, shrimp, or steak. Add in any veggies or toppings you might want and you’ll be on your way to a fun taco night at home.

Movie Night at Home

You can never go wrong with the classic movie night at home. Consider even pairing one of the other ideas with a movie night at home whether it be a charcuterie board, tacos, or cocktails at home. There’s tons of great movies available at home through the convenience of streaming services. Pick a new movie to watch and enjoy a fun movie night at home paired with popcorn and snacks.

Cocktails at Home

Making some fun cocktails at home can be a fun new thing to try. I’ve included our favorite cocktail recipe book below that’s loaded with several easy to follow cocktail recipes you can make at home. I love that it’s separated by alcohol type too, so you can go to whichever section you prefer. One of my personal favorite cocktails to make at home that’s super easy is this simple moscow mule recipe. Making cocktails at home can be a lot of fun and you get to learn how to make some new cocktails along the way.

I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for some simple and fun Valentine date ideas at home. Comment below with any other ideas you all might have!

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