Small Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of individuals have the goal of living a healthier lifestyle, but what does that truly mean? Maybe this is one of your goals, but do you even know where to begin? Saying you have a goal to “be healthier” or “live a healthier lifestyle” sounds good, but honestly it’s not a great way to set a goal. When you set a goal you want to be as specific as possible and include a time frame. If you are trying to “be healthier” to lose weight you could try setting a goal of losing 5lbs in the next month. The difference is that goal is specific with staying you’ll lose 5 lbs, it gives a time frame to complete the goal, and you can easily measure whether or not that goal is achieved. Let’s look at some small steps to a healthy lifestyle that might help you zone in on some areas you want to improve your life, so you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. If you would like more tips on living a healthy lifestyle check out this free guide of 52 tips towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Prioritize Sleep

I know we’ve all heard it over and over again, but it really is important to be prioritizing your sleep. Getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep each night can do wonders for your body. It is important that you body is given the opportunity to be able to rest and recover.

Try A New Physical Activity

Consider trying out a new physical activity. It can be fun to try something new and can get you motivated again if you’re just tired of always doing the same thing. Trying something new can be fun and you might even surprise yourself with finding a new activity that you love. If you need some ideas check out these 50 Fun Fitness Ideas.

Learn that Food is Fuel

Really learning that food is fuel for your body can be vital for your body physically and mentally. A lot of people view foods as “good” or “bad” and follow diets that are full of restrictions. Instead of treating food as a punishment start thinking of it as food for your body. Our body needs nutritious food in order to fuel it properly.

Meal Prepping

Consider giving meal prepping a try. For me personally it is a game changer. If I didn’t already have my lunches prepped for work it is very likely that I’d be eating out for lunch every single day. Meal prepping does not have to be difficult though. I can easily spend 1-2 hours a week meal prepping 10 meals for my husband and I for lunch for the week. Typically I meal prep some grab and go snacks for us too. I keep the snacks quite simple. It is typically just have some fruits and vegetables already rinsed and cut for us to just be able to quickly grab and go. For some meal prepping ideas check out this meal prepping blog post.

Plan Out Grocery Trips

I highly recommend going to the grocery store with a grocery list. Planning out what you are going to make that week before going to the grocery store can also be helpful. Personally I pick 5-7 recipes for lunches and dinner for the week then create my grocery list based off of what we need. This helps me go into the grocery with a purpose without grabbing a bunch of random things. I also know that we have food to make nutritious recipes throughout the week. I’d recommend starting to pay attention to where you get most of the groceries from in your store too. I talked about this in my grocery shopping blog post. The majority of grocery stores are actually designed with a similar layout. Typically the meats, seafood, and produce will line the perimeter of the store. Next time you go to the grocery store pay attention to see if you’re shopping for more things down the aisles or if the majority of your cart is coming from the perimeter filled with wholesome foods.

Know Your Motivation

Be able to know what your motivation is can be extremely useful especially when you are having trouble getting motivated. Some people have a goal to be able to run around with their children, some people are training for a half marathon, and some people might be striving to lose weight. Regardless of the goal focusing on what motivates you can be really helpful on those days you just don’t feel like you have the energy. For example, whenever I have trained for a half marathon I always feel more motivated to run more often or to run a little further. Having something that you are working towards can really give you a big boost of motivation.

Be You

Focus on being you and only you. Especially in the world of social media it can be very easy to find ourselves comparing ourselves to other people. The thing is that everyone lives a very different life though and you are your own individual person. You should embrace that. Remember that everyone is going through things you don’t see and everyone has been through different experiences so don’t get caught in the comparison game.

Hopefully some of these small steps to a healthy lifestyle have given you some ideas on ways to specifically work towards living a healthy lifestyle. If you liked these small steps to a healthy lifestyle then check out this complete FREE Guide of 52 Tips Towards Living A Healthy Lifestyle.

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