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Starting Your Fitness Journey

Starting your fitness journey or living a healthy lifestyle can seem overwhelming. You might question where to begin or worry about not succeeding. The key is actually starting your fitness journey. As long as you start and are trying you are succeeding. I realize this might sound simple, but you might still be at a lost on where to begin. Let’s take a bigger look into starting your fitness journey.

Know Your Why

The first step to starting your fitness journey is knowing why you are doing it. This might look different for everyone, but try to determine what your why is or what your motivation is. Your why doesn’t have to be complex. For some people it might be losing weight for an upcoming event, for some it might be to be able to keep up with their kids, and for others it can be working towards being the best version of themselves.

Imagine what you see for yourself after starting your fitness journey. What do you hope your life will look like 3 months from now or 6 months from now? It might involve having a healthy relationship with food or having a regular exercise routine. Think about what your why is and what you are working towards. Consider even making a vision board. This could help you to come up with some great ideas of why you are starting and help you to stay focused along the way.

Establish A Few Goals

Write down a few goals that you are hoping to establish. Starting out with established 2-3 small goals can help you to stay focus and really work towards achieving those goals. Make sure that the goals you are setting are realistic and measureable. For example, instead of saying your goal is to lose weight. Establish a goal that says I want to lose X lbs. in X number of months. This will help you to be able to determine your progress along the way. If you want to read more about setting good goals check out this blog post on setting realistic goals.

Develop A Plan

The next step is setting up a plan to help you truly succeed. It’s important to realize that there’s more involved in a healthy lifestyle they just eating a strict diet and exercising. This might also be why some diets you have potentially tried in the past didn’t work. They might have worked for a short period of time and then you found yourself right back where you started. This can be frustrating for sure. Learning tips to establish a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime rather then just a few months can be life changing. If you are interested in learning more about the different aspects of living a healthy lifestyle check out this post.

When developing a plan it’s important to reflect on what you might already include in your life and what you are trying to start incorporating. First, start with developing a fitness plan. A personal trainer can help you to establish a plan that is specific to you and help guide you along the way. If you are creating a fitness plan yourself try to determine what you plan to do for physical activity. This could be joining a gym, running, walking, etc. Make sure it is something that you enjoy and feel free to mix it up a little bit. Then, start adding that into your weekly schedule. Be sure to give yourself at least 1-2 rest days. Our bodies need rest and then incorporate into your schedule when you’ll be doing this physical activity. This will help to hold you accountable!

The next portion is your emotional wellness. Try adding in to your schedule something each week or even each day to help you relieve stress or prioritize self care. This might start to sound like you are adding a lot to your schedule and maybe you’re thinking I don’t have time for this. This actually doesn’t have to take long at all. It could be simply spending 5 minutes a day thinking about what you are grateful for that day. You could even do that while brushing your teeth or taking a shower in the morning.

Also having a plan to eat nutritious foods is another big piece to the puzzle. However, you don’t have to fully cut out any foods from your life. Create a plan on how you intend to eat nutritious foods. This could include starting to meal prep or possibly investing in a coach that can help you to learn how to eat nutritious foods without having to fully cut other foods out of your life.

Once you’ve established a plan to start working towards a healthy lifestyle it is time to start putting it into action. Start following the plan that you created and working towards accomplishing your goals.


Lastly, once you start putting these tips into action it is important to reflect on your progress along the way. Reflect on how your week went and really reflect at the end of each month. See if you are starting to make progress towards your goals? If you are identify what is working. If you are not identify what might not be working. Overall remember that we are always able to continue to better ourselves because none of us are perfect. It’s important to give yourself some grace along the way and then continue to better yourself along the way. Remember as long as you are trying you are succeeding.

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