How to Stencil a Patio that’s Concrete

We have been working on a big DIY gravel patio in our backyard. There was a small concrete slab off to the side that we needed to make flow with the gravel. Using this Marlen tile stencil in large to stencil the concrete patio was the perfect solution. It helped refresh the concrete that had previously been painted too. The best part of stenciling a concrete patio was that it was actually quite easy thanks to the stencil and brush gifted from Cutting Edge Stencils. Lets dive into exactly how to stencil a patio that’s concrete.

Supplies Needed to Stencil a Patio that’s Concrete

The Patio Before Stenciling

Below you can see pictures of the patio before stenciling the cement. To prepare to stencil first I cleaned the patio well making sure all the dirt, leaves, etc. were swept away. Next, I prepared to paint the base color for the patio. I used Behr paint in the color carbon copy for the base of the cement patio. I used painter’s tape to tape up the side of the house. Then I used a brush to paint the perimeter of the cement patio. Once the perimeter of the patio was painted I used a painting tray and roller to paint the entire patio.

Note: If you are also painting a cement patio know that it uses a lot more paint then if you were to paint a wall of similar size. I would estimate I used about 2-3 times more paint then if it were a wall of the same size.

How to Stencil Patio that’s Cement

Once the entire patio has been painted the base color and has fully dried it’s time to start stenciling. Simply start by placing your stencil at the far corner of the space you are stenciling. Be sure to have the corners set up to create the edges for the stencil that will go next to it. Once the stencil is perfectly lined up use two to three small pieces of painter’s tape to secure it. Apply a very small amount of paint onto the stencil brush and begin painting every section of the stencil. You want to have almost no paint on the brush, so it applies a very thin layer. This helps to follow the stencil lines and prevent smudging.

If you use a lighter color like I did you might need two coats. Allow the first coat to dry for about a minute before applying the second coat. Then allow the second coat to dry before moving the stencil to the next location. You’ll notice that the stencil created the corners for the design that will go next to the pattern you just created. Line the stencil up perfectly with that corner, tape the stencil down again, and repeat the same steps to paint the design. You’ll continue doing this process until you’ve stenciled the entire patio.

Stenciled Patio After

Below are photos of the finished stencil patio that’s concrete. I love the look this wall stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils gave this patio. It helped to make this concrete patio area flow into our new gravel patio perfectly. The space looks so much better then before now and adds a fun new element to our outdoor space. We’ve already gotten so many compliments on it.

Tips for How to Stencil a Patio that’s Concrete

A few final tips that I learned during this project that might help you. First is that concrete uses a lot of paint. I expected to only need about a quart of paint due to it being a small space, but I actually went through almost 3 quarts of paint. Previously the concrete had already been painted and had a lot of chipped spots and cracks, so that could have also been a factor. I found that I preferred using a stencil brush as apposed to a roller to paint the stencil. The brush was easier to me personally. Stenciling the actual patio took time. Don’t feel like you have to do it all in one day. I broke it up into several days to complete this project.

Another thing to emphasize is you really don’t need a lot of paint on the stencil brush for painting the stencil. A little goes a long way and really helps to keep nice lines within the pattern. The final tip to remember is that if you mess up at all you can easily fix it or re-do that one square. Since I used a charcoal grey with a white pattern on top, if the white pattern got messed up or smeared it was easy to go back and correct with the grey paint.

I hope you found this tutorial on how to stencil a patio that’s concrete helpful. As always to stay up to date on more DIY projects, home decor, and more be sure to follow Real Wholesome Life on Instagram and/or Pinterest too!

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Disclaimer: This post is part of a partnership with Cutting Edge Stencils in exchange for product that was gifted.

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