The Different Types of Workout Routines

Have you heard terms like circuits, supersets, or maybe split routines before? These terms for different types of workout routines might seem confusing if you aren’t familiar with them. Whether you prefer to do workouts at home or at the gym it’s a good idea to have some structure to your workouts. Have you ever done a workout that consists of you coming up with some exercises to do to make up that 30 minutes you said you would workout, but there’s not much plan or intention behind it? I’m sure many of us can answer yes. That brings us to the different types of workout routines you could choose to follow. There are different factors in choosing from the different types of workout routines and deciding which might be the best for you. It’s helpful to have a general understanding of what the terms mean to start.

Circuit Training

If you go to a gym your gym might have a 30 minute circuit of machines set up. You have probably heard of the term circuit before, but do you fully understand what doing a circuit in your workout routine means? A circuit is doing a group of exercises with little rest in between. This can be good if you are looking to get a workout in, but are short on time.


A superset can be a common term utilized in exercise routines, so it is good to have an understanding of what that actually means. When you perform a superset you do two exercises right after each other without significant rest in between. A superset will commonly involve two exercises that are utilizing the same muscles one after the other.


This is done by increasing or decreasing the weight or reps within each set. For example doing sets of 8 reps of bicep curls and starting the first set with 5 lbs dumbbells, then 10 lbs, then 15 lbs, then 20 lbs, and then working your way back down to 15 lbs, 10 lbs, and then 5 lbs. Pyramids can also be done in the same method with switching up the number of reps. You could start with 5 reps of push-ups, then 10, 15, 20, then working your way back down to 5 by decreasing each set by an increment of 5 repetitions.


This type of routine is basically exactly what it sounds like. When doing a single set workout routine the individual would complete one set for each exercise in the workout. This can be a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with the exercises you are performing.


A multiple-set routine is similar to the single-set except instead of performing one set of each exercise you would perform several sets of each exercise. Determining the appropriate number of sets for each exercise has multiple factors such as your fitness goals. This is where a personal trainer can really assist with establishing workout plans that are designed specifically to your goals.

Split Routine

You may have heard of this term before, but do you understand what following a split routine means? When following a split routine you split the body part you are training across different days. For example, on Monday/Wednesday you may train legs, Thursday train back, etc.

These are some forms of resistance training routines to give you some knowledge of each one. There’s some additional ones too. You might be wondering how to decide, which is the best for you. It is best to have an assessment done with a personal trainer to see where you could improve and establish a baseline. The personal trainer would then be able to help you design a workout plan that is ideal for you.

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