Tips to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays can be such a joyful time of year. They can also bring stress and fear for some people though. It is not uncommon for people to be fearful of the holidays worrying that they are going to gain weight, destroy the goals they’ve accomplished, or lose the progress they have already made. Below are some tips to stay healthy this holiday season.

Tips for Staying Healthy this Holiday Season:

  • Drink water – It is always important to keep your body hydrated with water especially if you might be drinking alcohol later in the day. Try to drink water early in the day or rotate your drinks with water to help stay hydrated.
  • Exercise – Consider getting some light movement in by starting your day with a brisk walk.
  • Spend time with Family – The holidays are meant to be a time filled with making memories with family, so enjoy that. Focus on spending time with family on the holidays.
  • Stress Relief – The holidays can be stressful especially if you have children, are hosting the gathering, have last minute shopping to do, or several places to visit. Remember to set aside time to relax during the busy holiday season.
  • Prioritize Self Care – Prioritizing focusing on your self care. Take time to go for a short walk, read a book, take a bath or whatever you do to enjoy self care. Some of the holidays also mean time off work. Try to make the most of that time off to focus some of the time on yourself.
  • Focus on what matters most – Focus on what matters the most during the holidays. Enjoy your time with family and friends and get back to your daily routine after the holiday.

Things to Remember During the Holiday Season:

You might notice I didn’t say portion control, limit what you’re eating, skip the dessert table, or other “tips” like that you’ve heard before. The reality is that there are roughly 10 national holidays in the United States. Depending on your religious beliefs and some other factors this number might be slightly higher or lower. Overall though it’s still in the range of about 10 days. There are 365 days in a year, so that means that for 355 days we are not celebrating a holiday.

This is important to remember because a lot of people tend to fear the holidays. People worry that they will lose the progress they have made. Maybe you are also worried that the holidays are going to cause you to gain all this weight. When you think of it as only 10 days out of the year being holidays it’s hard to imagine that those 10 days are the reasoning. Enjoy the holidays and get back to your routine after. You don’t have to fear the holidays to maintain progress you have made, so far. The biggest key component is not making that one holiday last for 3 months. Enjoy the holiday maybe even that weekend, but then get back into your regular routine.

Tips On Getting Back Into Your Routine After The Holidays:

  • Go grocery shopping before the holiday – Going shopping before the holiday can help set yourself up for success. I find this to be helpful, because when there is nutritious food in the house you will likely eat it. If your fridge is low on food you’ll likely tend to decide to order a pizza or eat out because the holidays are a busy time and you don’t want to go to the grocery store.
  • Create time to get things back in order – Give yourself a day if possible to get things back in order especially if you are the one hosting a gathering. If you’re able to take the next day off from work or not plan anything this will give you time to get the house clean, meal prep some food, and relax. This can also be a helpful transition to allow yourself to have a day to be able to get back into your regular routine.
  • Sign up for a fitness class – Sometimes finding the motivation to exercise can be difficult to jump back into. If you enjoy taking fitness classes consider signing up for a class in advance. If you’re able to sign up and pay for the class in advance this is another great way to hold yourself accountable. Most individuals wouldn’t want to miss something they’ve already paid for.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the holidays. They are meant to be a special time filled with memories, friends and family. Try setting yourself up for success to get back into your regular routine once the holiday is over. Most of all though don’t fear the holiday ruining all your progress, because roughly 10 days out of the year is not going to change what you’ve been doing for the other 355 days that year. Hopefully these tips to stay healthy this holiday season will help you to fear the holidays a little less.

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