Top 3 Kitchen Essentials

Finding quality kitchen products can be challenging. It’s essential to find products that are convenient to use and work well for your needs. It can also seem confusing to decide what products to get when there’s so many varieties. Personally, it seems like there’s a new thing coming out practically every month, which makes things even more complicated. Anyone else see all the latest items and wonder if it really works or if it’s really worth purchasing?

I rounded up what’s in my kitchen to pick the top three essentials that I use constantly and depend on weekly. Below are the products that are my top three kitchen essentials:

1. USA Baking Pans

These pans are by far the best baking pans I’ve ever used. My mom got them as a gift years ago and when Parker and I got our first place I knew it was a must to have these pans. They’re super easy to clean and durable. They also offer several options to give you variety with the baking pans.

2. Ninja

Smoothies are definitely one of my favorite things. You can catch me making a smoothie or smoothie bowl several times each week. Our Ninja is my absolute favorite. Some things I love about it is that it is compact making it easy to store or even take on the go while you travel, it is quick and easy to clean, and it’s the perfect size to make a smoothie for just one or two people. If also allows you to quickly make that breakfast smoothie on your way out the door for work, because it can also function as a cup for on the go.

3. Slow cooker

I love using our slow cooker for busy work days during the week or weekly meal prep. During the week, it can help take the stress out of having to come home and cook dinner. One of my favorite qualities is that you are able to set it to cook for a set amount of time and then it will switch over to warm. This is one of my favorite kitchen items to utilize when meal prepping. It’s very likely that I am throwing a few pounds of chicken breasts into our slow cooker to make different meals for the week. Typically I will split the chicken into two or three different dishes after it is done cooking, so we have some variety in our meal prep throughout the week.

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