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Vacation Without Crushing All Your Progress

Have you ever been on vacation and feared about the weight you would gain once you got home? Maybe dreaded stepping on that scale because you just don’t even want to know how much higher that number is? Have you felt like all the progress you have made was all just erased from your week long vacation? Have you wondered if it’s even possible to vacation without crushing all your progress?

You’re definitely not alone and I can almost guarantee the majority of people reading this answered yes to at least one of those questions. The good news is I’m hear to tell you how to navigate vacation without crushing all your progress. First I want to tell you that your week long vacation is not going to ruin your progress. That’s probably a relief to hear right? You’re probably wondering how is it not going to ruin your progress though. Let’s dive into how to navigate vacation without crushing all your progress.

Enjoy Vacation

First make sure to enjoy vacation. Many individuals go on vacation to rest and relax. Taking time to rest and relax can be just as beneficial as exercise and eating healthy. Don’t allow the stress of gaining weight take over your ability to rest and enjoy vacation. Think about the amount of time it took you to make the progress you have made. It takes time to reach goals and see the physical changes you might be striving for right? Time is also needed to completely reverse all the progress you’ve made. It takes time to gain weight back or change habits from the progress you’ve made. If you look at the big picture it takes more than a week long vacation to crush all your progress.

But, I’ve Had This Happen in the Past…

Now you might be thinking that you’ve experienced vacation “crushing” your results before. You were probably dieting for a period of time then went on vacation. Shortly after it seems like that vacation just caused you to gain all the weight and habits back. Does this sound familiar?

The important thing to reflect on and recognize is that I can almost guarantee all that progress wasn’t crushed from the week long vacation. Most likely you went on vacation for a week and then when you got back you had no food in the house, unpacking to do, getting ready to go back to work, and just all the things, so you decided you would eat out to finish off the vacation. Well then you start going back to work still don’t have groceries, there’s no food prepared, so the next thing you know you are going out for lunch and dinner for the majority of that week. Then you just start down a spiral and the next thing you know it’s like you’ve been on vacation for over a month and it seems like everything was just erased.

Set Yourself Up For Success

The important thing is to set yourself up for success. Let’s take a simple example of driving yourself to work. That seems like a simple task that you probably do often right? To be successful in driving yourself to work you need gas in your car correct? Our bodies work in a similar way. If we are not fueling our bodies they’re not going to be able to successfully reach our goals. Our bodies need to be fueled with the nutrients, physical activity, sleep, water, etc. Without these sources of fuel how can we expect our body to be successful in maintaining or reaching the goals?

Going back to vacations it is important to set your body up for success in living a healthy lifestyle. This is important to maintain the progress you’ve made and continue working towards your goals. Consider giving yourself a day before going back to work after vacation. This allows time to get laundry done, get groceries, meal prep, and get back to your daily routine. I realize this might not always we an option, but if you do have the ability you’ll likely find it very helpful. Another option could be to do some grocery shopping for non-perishables prior to your vacation. This would prevent you from coming home to a completely empty refrigerator and cabinets. Also, consider getting some meats that you would be able to freeze while on vacation. When you get home defrost some of the meat so you are able to make meals during the week. Another option is to make some meals that you could freeze prior to vacation. When you get home all you have to do is defrost them and heat them up. The key is setting yourself up to succeed.

The Biggest Take Away

The biggest thing to take away is to enjoy your vacation, but focus on that healthy lifestyle once you get back. Your results will not diminish in a week. Also, you do not need to workout twice as long or deprive your body of food to “make up” for those extra drinks you had on vacation or the ice cream you ate. After vacation go back to your healthy lifestyle with consuming nutritious foods, engaging in physical activity, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, minimizing stress, etc. and you will be able to continue right back to making progress towards those goals. You’ll also likely find that you are less stressed without having to figure out how to workout more or eat less to “make up” for those extra calories from vacation. Enjoy your vacation then get back to your routine when you return and you’ll be able to vacation without crushing your progress.

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