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What Does Living a Wholesome Life Mean?

What does wellness mean? What is a healthy lifestyle? What does living a wholesome life mean?

Wow starting off with three questions right? Those aren’t easy questions to answer either. If you thought of some answers while reading them you might have thought of exercising regularly, drinking a gallon of water each day, eating lots of salads (salads automatically make you healthy right? – kidding), or getting 8 hours of sleep each day. The thing is though that these questions don’t have a simple one word answer.

I want you to imagine what a typical day looks like for you. Really imagine what your day is like from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall back asleep. Do you have that vivid image in your head? Okay now imagine how different that image looks for the college student that just read this, compared to the stay at home mom caring for her 4 kids, compared to the business woman working 80 hours a week. It’s probably easy to say none of those woman experience the same day to day activities. It is also possible that those woman don’t have the same goals they’re trying to achieve. They all need the same understanding of a healthy lifestyle and the factors necessary to achieve that though.

People have different goals when it comes to their career, education, home, family, and so one. The same is true with the goals they have within living a healthy lifestyle. Some people might include a goal of losing weight while for others it might be eating healthier, or getting more sleep, or focusing on reducing stress, or running a marathon, or managing an illness, or joining a gym, or getting more organized, or drinking more water, or traveling more and the list could go one. The meaning and goals of living a wholesome life will probably change depending on the season of life you are in. You might even find that there were more than one of your goals on the list mentioned above. It’s important to focus on what your goals are to achieve living a wholesome life.

I like to think that living a healthy lifestyle is something that’s constantly evolving and growing. There will probably be set backs along the way, but it’s important to understand them and continue to grow. Think of it as when an infant is born. It would be silly to think at birth a child can walk, talk, and function as a full independent adult. The same thing is true with living a healthy lifestyle. It certainly does not happen overnight. It’s meant to be a lifestyle meaning it’s meant to be a way of living your life not a few days, weeks, or months. There are concepts to understand and learn to achieve living a healthy lifestyle that’s manageable and includes balance.

I’m going to leave you with the challenge to write down three goals that you have for living a healthier lifestyle. Really think about these goals. Make sure these goals are goals you are motivated to achieve and know why you have set these goals. Keep thinking about those goals and stay tuned for more on achieving those goals.

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