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What is your motivation to be healthy?

M O T I V A T I O N -this might be one of the top things that you feel is preventing you from being “healthy”. You might lack the motivation to workout after working all day or maybe you struggle to get up in the morning or maybe you have a hard time motivating to exercise because you just don’t enjoy it. Do any of these sound like what you go through? Let’s look at the bigger picture and look in on what might be causing those challenges. Let’s also take a look at what might help improve some of that motivation to be healthy.

Remember those 3 goals you wrote down after reading the “What does living a wholesome life mean?” blog post. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, head over here to the post to check it out. Goals can be a great way to find motivation to do something. It’s important to set realistic goals though. Also, make sure the goals are something you are truly passionate about and striving for. If you’re goal involves being someone you’re not it’ll likely be a lot more difficult to achieve that goal.

Consider setting different goals for yourself based on the time frame. Seeing your goals actually written down can help with motivation towards living a healthy lifestyle. Set a few goals for a year time frame, set some goals for a month, some for the week, and maybe even some goals for what you are wanting to accomplish that day. Also, don’t feel like the date is preventing you from starting TODAY. You can start a monthly goal any day and aim to achieve it within 30 days. YOU can start at ANY time!

Finding ways to keep yourself accountable can be another great way to find the motivation to reach your goals. Looking into utilizing a goal tracker, fitness tracker, nutrition log, etc. to be able to track your progress and stay accountable can be a great tool. Now with any form of tracking it’s important to find balance and not get down on yourself when things aren’t always perfect, but that’s another topic for another day.

Remember to have fun. I feel like so often people associate exercise and dieting as a dreadful thing. If your thoughts towards something are how terrible it is you’ll likely have trouble finding the motivation to do that. Try evaluating what it is that seems so bad. The first step is to identify what you don’t like, then work towards ways to change it. If you associate working out with having to run a few miles every week, but you’ve always hated running, it’s not much of a surprise that you’d have trouble finding the motivation to go run right? So instead find what works for you and what you enjoy. There’s so many different ways to exercise/workout/be active that you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Experiment with different options- go try yoga, a new fitness class, biking, barre, dancing, rollerblading, kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding, and so much more.

It might even be as simple as starting with making a morning or evening walk more consistent during your week. There are numerous benefits from just walking and starting to make that activity consistent can help lead towards feeling motivated and energized to be active in new ways. It might seem so minimal, but making small changes to your daily routine such as this can make lasting effects in both your mindset and physical health. Trying out different activities can also be a fun way to become a little more active and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

Following a “diet” might also seem miserable. You’re probably feeling like you have to turn down food often and going out to restaurants is like the biggest chore. You might feel like you have to eat that same boring, dry piece of chicken with a side of broccoli every single day to achieve any kind of results. It’s important to recognize the difference between a healthy lifestyle and dieting. A healthy lifestyle includes balance and enjoying the fun moments that come along in life, whereas people associate dieting to lots of limitations and restrictions. Next, we’ll be touching on the difference between living a healthy lifestyle compared to dieting. When you’re able to incorporate balance and enjoy life you’ll find a lot more motivation to live that healthy lifestyle physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Most importantly experiment with different ways to help find what motivates you and go for it. Everyone is different and will likely find different things that work for them. It’s important to make sure you are creating a balanced sustainable lifestyle for you. I’m going to leave you with the challenge to go out and try something new that gets you moving. The options are endless, but be sure to have fun and who knows you might end up finding a new hobby along the way. Be sure to let me know what activity you decide to try!

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