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What we Used to Transform Our Floors from Old Carpet to Beautiful Wood Look Tile

Within the first year of buying our house we decided to take on the big task of pulling up all the carpet and tile to put in wood look tile mostly by ourselves with the help of a few family members and friends. The house we purchased had tile in the kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms with tan carpet throughout the whole house. We don’t really like carpet especially with a dog that sheds, so we decided to update it. We chose to update the entire house with a wood floor look. Real hardwood floors are beautiful, but difficult to maintain in the Florida humidity. That left us with either wood look tile or engineered hardwood. We ultimately decided on wood look tile because it seemed more cost effective, but after everything was said it done the cost would have probably been pretty comparable. Both are beautiful options. Here’s a look into what we used to transform our floors from old carpet to beautiful wood look tile.

Deciding on a Wood Look Tile

Deciding on the exact wood look tile we liked took much longer than expected. We didn’t want to go too dark or too light. We debated on going with a white wood tile, because we love keeping our space light, bright, and airy. Although, we decided the white wood tile might look a little too light, would be tough to keep clean, and probably not ideal with a dog.

We ended up finding this Ansley Amber tile at Home Depot and fell in love with it. I love that it had different color tones within the tile to add variety and get a great combination of light wood tones. The variety of wood tones also makes it a little nicer with always having dog hair on our floors. The tiles were larger than we originally thought we would pick, but we loved the way it looks now that it was done. I do think having the larger tiles actually made it more difficult to lay tiles though between some difficult cuts and keeping everything level. Overall the larger tiles were worth it because we love the Ansley Amber tile coloring, but smaller tiles may have been a little bit easier.


Once we had picked out the wood look tile we had to pick out the grout. We knew we wanted to go with thin grout lines to keep with a consistent look. The grout color we choose was a grey grout that closely matches the tile color to give a nice flow and not show the grout lines too much. If you wanted the tiles to stand out more with defined tiles and grout lines a black or white grout could easily be used. Below is the grey grout that we used with the Ansley Amber wood look tile. Grouting surprised me quite a bit in the sense that it’s not as easy as it may seem. Doing the grout was very labor intensive and you really have to get it all off the tiles to make sure you don’t leave behind a hazy film.

Shop Wood Look Tile and Grout

Final Product

Above are some before and after pictures to show the transformation. We are incredibly happy with what we decided to use to go from old carpet to beautiful wood look tile. The whole process took about 4 weeks to completely update all the floors with demo, installing tile, and grouting. We also replaced all the baseboards at the same time, which took another 2-3 weeks because we were only doing the baseboards on the weekends. Overall the project took us about 6-7 weeks required a lot of hard work, moving furniture all over the house, and creating a big mess. It was 100% worth it in the end though. We couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.

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